Everything you need to know about an overdue pregnancy

In general people use the term ‘overdue pregnancy’ even if it is one day past your due date. Technically speaking woman is not over due till the 42nd week of pregnancy. Here is all the information abou

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Everything you need to know about an overdue pregnancy

Usually, babies are born by the 38th week of pregnancy, but if seen from a technical perspective, you are not over due until the 42nd week. In general, people use the term ‘overdue pregnancy’ even if it is one day past the due date. If you are tired of being pregnant, remember that you and your baby will ultimately benefit from waiting until it is time for the baby to finally come out(if there are no medical indications).

An overdue pregnancy

Possible Complications in Overdue Pregnancy

Amniotic Fluid

Oligohydramnios (lack of amniotic fluid) is one of the possible risks of overdue pregnancy. When the baby has grown full term, the amniotic fluid may start to leak and therefore, decrease in its quantity. As a result, functioning of placenta is effected and the baby doesn’t get the required amount of blood and nutrients. This can even lead to death of the baby inside the womb.

Cephalopelvic Disproportion

Women with overdue pregnancy have a baby that is bigger in size. The problem arises when the baby becomes too large to fit into a woman's pelvis. In such cases, the doctors may advice for a caesarean delivery.


In overdue pregnancy, the baby is at greater risk of swallowing meconium or fecal waste. This can lead to breathing problems and infection in the unborn baby.

Tips for an Overdue Pregnant Woman

Take Rest

Take your overdue pregnancy as an opportunity to rest and take adequate amount of sleep. The last month of pregnancy is tough for the expectant mother therefore, one needs to take extra care.

Natural Labour Inducers

Every woman has a different approach to labour. Some prefer to wait and watch while the others are eagerly interested in induction. If you want to try labour inducers, it is wise to opt for natural inducers such as:

  • Pineapple and eggplant are natural inducers.
  • Cinnamon tea.

Remember to consult your midwife or doctor before trying any tip or trick suggested by others.

Talk to Your Doctor

The best way to deal with overdue pregnancy is by keeping track of it. Talk to your doctor and decide whether you are willing to ‘wait and see’ or wish to have induction. In both the cases, your doctor will most likely ask you to wait until the 42 week of pregnancy before deciding to induce.

Meanwhile, your doctor may advice you to have a biophysical profile or non stress test done twice a week.

Relax and Meditate

If you are overdue, relaxation exercises and meditation is best thing for you. They will ease the tension and stress that is surrounding you because of being overdue. You can take the help of child birth classes or appoint a personal trainer.

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