A Pint of Beer for Heart Health

By  , Agency News
Jul 05, 2013

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three glasses of chilled beer

A new study by Greek scientists has concluded that arteries see an improvement in them by the combination of alcohol and antioxidants beer.

The study said that drinking just one pint of beer is enough to boost the condition of the blood vessels around the heart. The arteries seem to become more flexible and blood flow tends to improve within hours. The report also found that vodka and alcohol free beer did not actually have the same effect in a study that was conducted on 17 men.

After the study it was concluded that arteries improved with the combination of alcohol and antioxidants in beer. Experts revealed through the study that the function was significantly improved only after the consumption of beer. Even other such studies have claimed that a pint a day could cut the risk of you having a heart attack by 30%.

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