A new therapy can quickly heal respiratory infections

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Jan 11, 2016

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A new therapy was launched on Saturday, which helps in the quick healing of cold, bronchitis and other types of respiratory allergies. The therapy is called the salt room therapy. In this therapy, patients are asked to relax in a room with walls that are thickly lined with salt. Light air is then blown continuously into the room, helping minute salt particles to mix with the air. This air is then breathed by the patient.

lung infections

According to doctors, once the salt particles reach the nose and the respiratory tract, it removes debris and bacteria. They also help in treatment of bronchial inflammation and strengthening of immune system, thereby decreasing allergic reaction to pollen.

Some other benefits of the new therapy, which is already being used in different parts of the western world, include acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, better sleep and reduction in snoring.

Anju Chandna, SRT India founder, said that salt room therapy offers drug-free treatment for chronic bronchitis, asthma, allergic and skin ailments and sinusitis. She said that the initiative may not only help people with respiratory and skin problems to get help with their condition but also receive an effective drug-free treatment to fight the pollution.

The therapy is being looked at as a good remedy for respiratory infections as well as other health problems because of a rise in air pollution in the country’s capital. According to doctors, the therapy may help them to replace use of steroids as well as other expensive medicines that are used for the treatment of respiratory disease and that also do not offer a complete solution.


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