7 Things You're Doing Wrong To Your Skin

We're all guilty of one habit or the other that is making our skin worse. Avoid these common blunders to ensure that you have a healthy and flawless skin.

Himanshu Sharma
Written by: Himanshu SharmaUpdated at: Mar 17, 2015 18:53 IST
7 Things You're Doing Wrong To Your Skin

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Everyone makes mistakes, and it is not often that they realise it. There are certain habits that we have been accustomed to but never realise that practicing them can be detrimental to our health. We're all guilty of one habit or the other that is making our skin worse.

There are a number of things that can affect your skin, including smoking, excess sugar, alcohol, not sleeping and more. Besides these behaviours, there are things that seem harmless but are causing irreversible damage to your skin. Here are some common skin-related mistakes we don’t realise we are making.


Not Removing Your Makeup

Sleeping with makeup on is one of the most common skin-related mistakes. It causes premature ageing and skin damage as the skin's pores get clogged and do not shrink back to their original size. You must always use water-soluble cleanser to get rid of makeup before sleeping.


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Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells and keep skin healthy. However, over-exfoliating can lead to irritation, sensitivity and even damage of the outer layer of skin. Those with sensitive skin should be extra careful.


Picking Pimples

The most common reason behind scars and hyper-pigmentation is picking pimples. If you are doing it at home, you have to be sure that you are using the right technique. If not, go for the extraction by a licensed aesthetician. The next time you spot a blemish, remember it is best not to squeeze it.


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Too Much of Coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee gives you a quick energy boost but you should not do it every now and then. Caffeine in coffee is associated with skin troubles such as dry skin and worsening of wrinkles. Resist the urge to sip on your favourite drink!


Long, Hot Showers

An occasional steamy shower is great to unwind after a hectic day. Taking long, hot showers damages skin’s outermost layer ‘epidermis’ and makes it scaly and dry.


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Trying Many Products

Too many products can take a toll on your skin. If you are to test a new product, try it on a patch of your skin on the wrist/arm. This will help you to avoid an unexpected allergic reaction on your face.


Waxing Too Often

At the first sight of new hair, we reach out for waxing. Resist running to the salon! Waxing away tiny hair can damage the skin and increase bumps. You must give at least three weeks gap between two waxing sessions.


Avoid these common blunders to ensure that your skin is healthy and flawless.



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