7 Signs that You are Eating too Much Sugar

It is difficult to avoid sweets and cakes. While enjoying the delicious desserts you end up consuming a lot of sugar. Here are some signs and symbols that will tell you that you are eating too much sugar.

Varsha Vats
Healthy DietWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Nov 12, 2018
7 Signs that You are Eating too Much Sugar

If you have a sweet tooth, it might be difficult for you to avoid those delicious sweet treats. From cakes and brownies to chocolates and donuts they all are irresistible. You might not feel guilty when you give yourself a sweet treat but do you know how much sugar you end up consuming. Excess sugar can lead to many health problems. You do not realise sometimes that you are consuming too much sugar. Here are some signs which indicate that you are consuming too much sugar.

You are always tired

A person consuming a high sugar diet feels tired for no reason. You may feel a sudden flow of energy when you consume sugar. It increases blood sugar levels suddenly which goes down very quickly and leaves you less energetic.

You will also feel that you are not able to exercise properly. Consumption of too much sugar makes it harder to work out. It leaves you fatigued and tired all the time.

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You might not know but too much sugar can give you acne. Over consumption of sugar is not only bad for your health but for your skin as well. High sugar intake creates an imbalance of hormones which triggers acne. You must control your sugar intake to keep your skin healthy.

You are always hungry

When you eat too much sugar you blood level increases which enables the cells to absorb glucose. This makes your body ask for food after every interval. Almost every food high in sugar is low in other nutrients which do not nourish your body. Hence, it makes you hungry more often.

Weight gain

Sugar consumption leads to obesity. The excess sugar gets stored as fat. If you are trying to lose weight you must reduce sugar intake. You may exercise as much as possible but sugar consumption will stop the effect of exercise and will make it harder to lose weight.

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High sugar diet can also lead to unexplained bloating and gas. You should stop sugar intake to prevent bloating. You can consume green tea with lemon to stop the bad effects of eating too much sugar.

High blood pressure

High levels of sugar in your diet can increase your blood pressure level. High blood pressure can further increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

Difficulty in concentration

High sugar consumption is also related to your concentration power. High sugar levels prevent glucose from entering into the brain. Hence, the brain faces difficulty in receiving energy that affects thinking ability. It also leads to forgetfulness and stress.

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Ways to stop sugar cravings

  • If you are hungry, eat a healthy meal
  • Eat a fruit to reduce cravings
  • Avoid stress
  • Do not stay hungry for a longer time
  • Drink more water and avoid carbonated drinks
  • Increase your protein intake

What to do after eating too much sugar?

  • In order to counter the side effects of eating too much sugar you can follow these steps to lessen the bad effects its side effects
  • You should drink green tea with lemon
  • Eat more probiotic foods
  • Try to eat a healthy meal after too much consumption
  • Exercise as much as possible
  • Avoid all sources of sugar like soda drinks, packed fruit juice, flavoured yogurt and many more 

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