5 Ways To Style Palazzo This Summer For Every Occasion

Dress right to beat the heat. Palazzos can be the option to choose this summer. Here are some ways to style a palazzo this summer for every occasion.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Apr 29, 2020 17:25 IST
5 Ways To Style Palazzo This Summer For Every Occasion

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As the temperature is at its peak and the situation will continue for a few coming days, you need to very careful and protect yourself from the heat. When it comes to summer clothing, you should wear clothes which do not cause any irritation to your skin. You should prefer light fabric and loose clothes which provide you with the exact comfort you need this summer.

Palazzos are one such example which will provide you with the required comfort during the summer season. Palazzos are available in various styles and colours which can upgrade your style statement as well. From formal to informal, a palazzo is perfect for every occasion. You can also style one single palazzo in different styles. So do not make your summer boring and style your palazzo in different ways and also enjoy the comfort it offers you. Here are some styling methods which you can try this summer for every occasion.

Palazzo for office

A pair of palazzo pants can give you the required formal look for your office. You can comfortably wear palazzo for your office. All you need is a shirt with your palazzo. Match your white shirt with a palazzo, and you are good to go. A white shirt will go with every palazzo of any colour or design. You can also choose any other colour which goes well with your palazzo. You can also complement the look with a necklace and heels. Do not worry, and you can tie your hair and make a sleek pony when you are wearing a palazzo to keep the heat away.

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Palazzo for your weekend parties


Are you also planning a party this weekend? You might be searching for the perfect dress for this weekend. Do not worry, and you do not have to spend extra money to buy a new dress. Just wear your palazzo pants. The trick is you need to style it the right way. Match your palazzo with a glamorous top, and you are good to go. You can design a crop top or a tube top which will be perfect for the occasion.

Palazzo for college


A palazzo with a simple top is the most comfortable outfit for your college. A college girl has a huge collection of tops, t-shirts or spaghetti top. You can match any one of these with your palazzo. This is the easiest way to style a palazzo. It is also perfect for your college.

Palazzo for a fun day

fun days

If you are up for a fun day with your friends, your palazzo will help you. Pick your favourite top and pair it with your palazzo and you are done. There are so many beautiful looking tops available to pair with wide-legged pants! You can give a spin with multiple chic tops by choosing a basic pant, and make it resemble an entirely new outfit each time. If an outfit scores high both on style element and comfort zone, it's hard to resist it. 

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indian vibes

Palazzo with Indian vibes

Not just formal and western look, you can give your palazzo Indian vibes as well. You can pair your palazzo with an Indian top, short kurta or a full-length kurta. Match a perfect pair of earrings to complete the look.

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