5 Partner Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Relationship

Yoga calms the mind and boosts happiness. Couple yoga can strengthen your relationship. Know yoga asanas you can perform with your partner to develop a different connection with your partner.

Arushi Bidhuri
DatingWritten by: Arushi BidhuriPublished at: Nov 26, 2018
5 Partner Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Relationship

Yoga is about bringing together your mind, body and spirit. It calms the mind and boosts happiness, which are the two most important things in a relationship. Couple yoga is designed to build a physical and psychological connection between the couple. Partner yoga cultivates energy between you and your partner. 

Today, couples are often connecting each other via phones or laptops. These couples are so busy connecting through phones that they forget to actually connect with each other. Connecting via technology is definitely not wrong, but spending some quality time together away from the turmoil is necessary. So, here are some yoga asanas to try with your partner: 

Seated Cat Cow Pose 

Hold one another’s forearms and engage, creating a bind. You and your partner should have equal resistance when both of you draw your shoulders back and down. Now inhale and lift your chest upwards, stretching your spine. Exhale while drawing your chin to your chest and round your upper back.

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Seated Spinal Twist 

Sit on the floor facing your partner and cross your legs. Now reach for each other’s hands and cross your arms. Twist your spine to one side while your partner faces the other side. Breathe deeply throughout this asana.

Back to Back Dialogue

Sit straight on the floor with crossed legs, back to back with your partner. Now stay quiet for a while and breathe deeply. Try to focus on your feelings and your partner's breath. After some time you will notice that your breaths will match and go in the same flow. After sometime try to express your feelings to your partner and say whatever you are thinking. When one is speaking listen carefully and do not interrupt in between. This will help you develop a strong connection with your partner by expressing what you feel. You can also simply thank you partner, or tell them the importance of their presence in your life. 

Seated Bound Angle

To perform this pose you should sit straight facing your partner. Maintain a distance between you and your partner. One of you should bring the soles of the feet together just like the butterfly pose. Now the other partner has to extend legs and place the feet against the shins of your partner. Now hold each other's hands. The partner with extended legs should pull the other partner forward.

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Lateral Side Bend

Sit on the floor facing each other with legs stretched apart just like a straddle stretch. Touch each other's feet. Now hold your partner's hand with your right hand. Take a deep breath and both of you stretch on the sideways with your other arm extended outside overhead. Hold this position for few seconds and then repeat the same with the left hand.

These yoga poses will help you develop a connection with your partner and will strengthen your relationship. You will feel development of trust and strong communication in your relationship.

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