4 Reasons You Must Use A Panty Liner Daily

If a sunscreen, a hand sanitizer, and some first aid medications are all you carry in your bag daily, you are missing out on something major

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Women's HealthWritten by: Partner ContentPublished at: Sep 29, 2020
4 Reasons You Must Use A Panty Liner Daily

For a woman, protection is not just needed on the outside, the inside matters too. By inside, we mean the intimate regions like the vagina. When it comes to looking after our hair, skin, and body shape, we invest time and money and take really good care of them. Using the right quantity of the right products, we don't compromise at all. But, when it comes to the intimate areas, we tend to overlook hygiene most of the times. Even though some of us use vaginal hygiene products, there is one product that our vagina needs every day, which could protect it from bazillion problems, and that product is panty liners.

Even though the vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body, it can take care of itself by maintaining a healthy pH and cleaning itself. However, we need to make sure that we do not create an environment that makes the vagina prone to infections. This is where panty liners come into play, by keeping your intimate area healthy. Here are four awesome reasons why you must use a panty liner every day.

Be ready for the fickle periods

While you’re on your periods, your menstrual products take care of the menstrual flow. Once you get to the end of your periods, your periods just become capricious. The period decides to stay for longer or just bother you with some sudden blots during the day. If aunt flow decides to be indecisive, you tackle her with panty liners. Panty liners will keep your innerwear and clothes safe from the “unexpected period episodes.” Everteen Panty Liners have got your back at such messy times.


Don’t give up on that good laugh

Remember that day when you laughed so hard that you peed a little and had to run to the washroom? A panty liner would have saved the day. Everteen Daily Panty Liners are made with extra absorbent layers to manage such sudden outbursts. They absorb your vaginal fluids and keep you clean all day. So the next time someone makes you giggle, go ahead and LOL!


Smell like a flower and fight bacteria with power!

The bacteria at play in vaginal discharges produce a foul odor. Thus, the discharges not only give out bad odor, but can also cause severe infections. Everteen Daily Panty Liners come with an anti-bacterial negative ion chip. This chip puts a stop to the process of bacterial multiplication that pin downs both bad odor and bacterial infections.

100% protection, 100% safe

Since the vagina is such a delicate area, it needs to stay away from harmful chemicals. Everteen Daily Panty Liners are super soft to the vagina because it is a 100% cotton panty liner and has breathable layers that keep the moisture away from the vaginal skin, keeping the nasty itches, burns, and irritation away. These liners have ultra-thin layers, so they don't feel bulky or look bulky.

Give your vagina the extra care and protection it needs with Everteen Daily Panty Liners. Don’t let anything hold you back as you step out to win the world!

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