You May Eat More When Meals are Rushed

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Jan 06, 2014

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Slow eating might help curb calories, a new study suggests. This can become a strategy to shed pounds.

eat slowly to curb caloriesSimply eating more slowly can significantly reduce how much people eat in a single sitting, reports a study that involved a small group of both normal-weight and obese or overweight participants. They examined 35 normal-weight men and women and 35 overweight or obese men and women, to find a connection between slow eating and reduced caloric intake.
The subjects were given an opportunity to eat a meal under relaxed, slow-speed conditions, and then in a time-constrained, fast-speed environment. Those who consumed less when eating slowly and all said they felt less hungry after eating a slow meal compared to a fast meal. On the other hand, people who were considered normal weight actually reduced their calorie intake significantly when eating more slowly.

The study was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

(Source: Medical News Today)



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