Sleep nice and well wearing woolen pajamas

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Dec 15, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • A new way has been deviced for you to sleep well.
  • Wearing woolen pajamas could help to sleep well.
  • It was revealed that woolen pajamas were better than cotton.

A new study shows that wearing woolen pajamas could help you to have a sound and longer sleep.  Mirim Shin from the Sydney University said that light woolen pajamas actually worked better for a good night’s sleep regardless of bedding textile.




She mentioned that one of the biggest advantages of wearing these woolen pajamas is that it helps people to sleep quicker. According to a previous study conducted among Australian University students about a third of them preferred cotton and a third of them slept in synthetic material and a third nude. It was found that the woolen pajamas were better when it came to absorption qualities in comparison to cotton.

It has been further shown that an ambient temperature of 17 degrees Celsius is better than 22 degrees Celsius for a longer, deeper sleep but the temperature has no effect on how quickly people fall asleep. It was added that there is no difference between synthetic and woolen bedding.

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