What is Hair Spa Treatment?

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Nov 30, 2011

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What is hair spa treatment

In this day and age where the dust, pollution and chemicals are all accepted parts of the environment in which we live and breathe, the damage they can cause our hair is most often silent and unnoticed. Until the day comes when you nonchalantly run your fingers idly through your hair and realise that it’s coarser, harsher, drier (or oilier) than you remember it from the days of yore. That is the moment when you should consider a hair spa treatment.

A hair spa treatment is exactly what it sounds like. It is like a day at the spa for your hair. Except that it doesn’t take a whole day. It takes about an hour from start to finish, includes a gloriously relaxing head massage, and gives your hair all that precious moisture it as lost at the altar of styling, pollution, and your lack of time. The treatment relieves itchy scalps, ensures that lost moisture is massaged back into your scalp and cleanses gently using mild shampoos and careful conditioners. It is not a magic wand that will suddenly stop all hair fall issues, but it does go a long way in repairing damage of all kinds.

The procedure begins with a hair wash special spa shampoo hair wash. This mild shampoo is massaged into your hair for a few minutes before washing off. Then, a special hair masque is applied ensuring that it covers every single strand of hair on your head. This is done by massaging the masque (or hot oil) into your scalp and hair. After this rejuvenating massage, the hair is treated to steam. Five to ten minutes of steam therapy for your hair can help retrieve the lost moisture in the strands and roots of your hair, making it supple, smooth and soft. The last step is washing off the masque and drying and setting your hair.

Have a great hair day!


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