What is Decidual Bleeding?

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Feb 02, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Decidual bleeding is experienced in the first trimester.
  • It involves  shedding of some part of uterine lining.
  • It occurs at the time of regular menstrual cycle.
  • Because of it, women fail to recognise their pregnancy.

Despite the presence of fertilised egg, the thickening of the uterine lining occurs pertaining to the hormonal changes in the body. The primary reason for the occurrence of decidual bleeding is the shedding of this thickened uterine lining.


Defining Decidual Bleeding

Decidual bleeding is more like menses but it occurs in the first three months of pregnancy.  It is in this regard important to understand that decidual bleeding is not an actual menstrual cycle, but it happens at the time when the woman would have had her period had she not conceived. Also known as, first-trimester bleeding only 28%-30% pregnant women experience it and it is usually harmless to the prospective mother as well as foetus.

Decidual Bleeding

Missing of menstrual cycles is not the only indication of pregnancy but other pregnancy signs such as regular nausea, enhanced breast size, tender breasts, fatigue or frequent urination must be taken into consideration. This could help you in knowing the actual pregnancy or a late menstrual cycle in case you have not conceived.


Decidual v/s Implantation Bleeding

Decidual bleeding is usually confused with implantation bleeding, another first-trimester bleeding which occurs when the fertilised egg is implanting in the uterus. Both implantation bleeding and decidual bleeding cause no harm to the mother and the foetus, but these forms of bleeding or any other vaginal bleeding must be reported to the doctor immediately.  A woman experiencing first-trimester bleeding can have a normal pregnancy and normal delivery.

Implantation bleeding generally has pinkish or light-brownish blood spots and does not follow the usual pattern of menstrual cycle, whereas decidual bleeding follows that pattern with red blood and more clots than usual.

First-trimester bleedings last for one or two days, but may accompany sensation and pain in the body.   Heavy bleeding needs urgent treatment so, a doctor can rule out possible complications such as ectopic pregnancy, impending miscarriage, vaginal infections or any other adverse health affect.

Concisely, decidual bleeding happens early in pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance in the pregnant women and leads to the partial shedding of uterine lining. It usually mimics a period and carries more blood clots than the normal menstrual cycle. Also known as first-trimester bleeding, it is light to crimson red in colour. Decidual bleeding does not affect the health of the mother and foetus still it needs doctor’s consultation to avoid pregnancy complications in future.

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  • monica01 Sep 2012

    achi suchana de gayi hai is article me

  • raman01 Sep 2012

    acha article hai

  • nidhi01 Sep 2012

    good article

  • Goddess03 Aug 2012

    (Continued)...In fact with my 1st pregnancy I had no idea I was even pg. I went to dr for a urinary infection and he informed me I was pg. I argued with him lol. Told him I'd had regular heavy periods the whole time, he said it didn't matter, I was pg. It really shocked me as it was completely unexpected. Just do the home pg tests, depending on how far along you think you are. I have given birth to 5 children and had negative tests even when I knew I was pg. Just wait and take another one later.

  • Goddess03 Aug 2012

    Very true. I had a very heavy flow the 1st 3 months of my 1st pregnancy 26 yrs ago. Now pregnant (other preg's in between) and I am in my 2nd month. 1st month I bled but it was different. Heavy the 1st 2 days then super lite for a couple days -spotting. The 2nd month my "period" didn't come when it was supp to then 11 days later I started spotting, then bleeding. The 1st day I had a huge clump of what I refer to as tissue. Still feel very pg. Will do a test soon to confirm but I'm not worried.

  • seanclaireO27 Jun 2012

    just maybe i have this;few weeks after m normal menstral flow,i noticed some sort of tenderness and painful sensation on my breast,and a wonderful craving for food.A weeks and half later,fews days passed my flow day,here comes this flow,brownish and well cloted.plz do comment on this....

  • stef27 Jun 2012

    i think i have this, i don't pay much attention to the clots of my previous periods, so im not sure what there suppose to look like. Mine look like red cervical mucus and the blood(not much fresh blood mainly the slimy mucus)is lighter than red, and is accompanied by brown colored mucus. comments please ...