What are the challenges faced by surrogate parents?

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Apr 14, 2011

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Most people would agree with the fact that having a child is a real blessing even with all the challenges and hassles that it involves. Surrogate parenting provides infertile couples with the opportunity and joy of having children of their own. On the flip side, it has problems both for the intended parents and the surrogate mother.


Challenges for the intended parents:

  • Finding and choosing a surrogate mother.
  • Signing an agreement and with surrogate mother.
  • Legal: If the surrogate mother changes her mind about giving the baby later on, you may have to go the court for legal proceedings. The decision is, however, taken for child's best interests.


Challenges for the surrogate parents


The problems that you should consider before assenting to become a surrogate parent include:

  • The in vitro fertilization treatment or IVF to become pregnant is complicated and can take time.
  • If you are older the risks associated with pregnancy are higher.
  • There is risk of miscarriage.
  • Emotional aspects involved during pregnancy like feeling lonely if the husband/partner or your family does not provide sufficient support.
  • You can develop postpartum depression This can get exaggerated after giving the baby to the intended parents.
  • You may not want to give the baby after birth. The intended parents can take you to court and the decision may not be in your favor as it is based on the child's best interests.

The process of conception: Conception for surrogate pregnancy is done by in vitro fertilization, or IVF. The eggs may be from the intended mother or a donor (the surrogate mother herself) and the sperm for fertilization may be from the intended father or a donor.


For couples who cannot have their own biological child the problems of surrogate parenting is the price for experiencing the joy of parenthood. And women before considering becoming a surrogate mother should consider both the risks and benefits associated with it.



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