What causes Married Women to Cheat?

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Jun 28, 2011

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Happy coupleEvery marital relationship is built on the parameters of expectations, duties and happiness with the former two taking the prime space. Are these what make married women cheat?



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  • Mundane activities of married life may become priorities over other things which do push women to search for a spark outside of marriage.
  • Excessive suspicion/nagging from the husbands does drive women to date other men.


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  • Long lost ways of expressing love often make women opt for extra marital relationships. Often, married couples stop appreciating each other over a period of time. But the entire factor of taking wives for granted becomes symptomatic of a failed relationship to a certain extent. In other words, lack of passion, which often destroys the premise of a happy marriage, is what women go on to seek outside the marital relationship.


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  • Many married couples do not communicate as they once did. Many married couples constantly spend time on their computers, cell phones, text messages and work stations. This makes communication much more detached and impersonal. Lack of intimacy in a relationship makes married women cheat outside marriage.


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