Best weight gain exercises for lean boys

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Jun 19, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Weight gain requires patience and training.
  • Start jogging on the treadmill.
  • For strong back, do dumb bells and pull ups.
  • Squats are the best weight lifting exercises.

Gaining weight, especially for boys, is something that cannot be achieved overnight. It requires weeks and months of patience and training in order to effectively add mass and build muscle. It goes beyond saying that the secret to gaining weight is simply calories. However, that should not drive you to the idea that eating a lot of high calorie food would help you in gaining weight. These calories that you build up in your body need to be streamlined in a particular fashion so that neither do you become overweight nor do you spot weight gain around areas such as your waist. This can only happen when one hits  the gym and starts doing an assortment of exercises to build muscle. Here are a few exercise tips that have been specially designed for growing up boys.

Weight gain exercises for men


Start with light jogging on the treadmill. In order to pick up muscle, you could run at a fast pace and then come back to a normal jog at split intervals. Do this at least three to four times a week. The treadmill jog will help you in streamlining those essential calories which would otherwise burn up unnecessarily.

Dumb bells and pull-ups

The best exercises in order to build a strong back are with dumb bells and pull-ups. As boys would not have a problem with picking weights, you could try dumb bells and lift them at least 50 to 100 times. Make sure you rest in between your exercise routines. Pull-ups are another exercise routine that you can practice. Do as many as you can and make sure that you do not exert excessive pressure on your body and end up losing more weight than gaining.

Weight gain exercises for men


Squats are the best weight lifting exercises recommended for boys. They are excellent for building one’s leg muscles. Doing a couple of lunges with dumb bells is also good for your knees and legs. If you frequently visit the gym, then you could also try out the leg press. It will restore vigour and strength in your legs.

For those of you who do not wish to go to the gym, you could always do exercises at home. Find time during the day to do at least ten to twenty push-ups and lifting dumb bells. Stretches have also been proven as an ideal exercise for gaining weight. Practicing pranayama and yoga especially in the early morning hours can deliver the best and long lasting results in your life.

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  • Dilip20 Sep 2012

    please give nutrition food information for weight gain.

  • Dilip20 Sep 2012

    please give nutrition food information for weight gain.

  • Dilip20 Sep 2012

    please give nutrition food information for weight gain.

  • Dilip20 Sep 2012

    please give nutrition food information for weight gain.

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