Taking care of your feet and proper foot care hygiene

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Mar 23, 2011

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Question: What is the best way to take care of feet and avoid any fungal infections?

Answer: To have happy feet it is important to pay attention to hygiene.

Mostly women tend to ignore their feet unless a problem arises. However, foot hygiene is important to keep fungal infections at bay and to carry off those beautiful shoes.

  • Washing and drying your feet thoroughly, especially the area between the toes is important. If you suffer from sweaty feet, use a medicated powder and wear fresh socks everyday.
  • Pedicure is a must as it reduces the chances of feet-related complications. It removes dead skin from the feet, prevents ingrown toe-nails and helps one get rid of calluses and corns.
  • Before the onset of summers, pamper your skin by exfoliating the dead winter skin and massage your way to a smooth and supple cover. Regular use of hydrating masks can also keep dry and dull skin away.
  • Deep-cleanse your feet. Wearing sandals and flip-flops regularly can stain your soles and even regular pedicures may not help. Dip your feet in a basin filled with a mix of water and hydrogen peroxide, then scrub away the discolouration with a pumice stone.



Inputs received from India Today.

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  • Priya Mehta23 Mar 2013

    Washing and drying your feet daily is a good example of being a hygienic. Pedicure your skin is also very important and above water and hydrogen peroxide formula is another best way to keep your feet hygienic and healthy. Every person can use these formulas not only for women, men can also use this.

  • sai mounika25 May 2012

    if they are too dusty then keep your feet in bucket of water with shampoo or lemon for 15 min then scrub

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