Take Control of your Health with These Cool Health Gizmos

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Apr 02, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • These help fine-tune your activity levels, diet habits and sleep strategies.
  • New-age health tracking scale tracks body weight as well as heart rate.
  • Smart wristband track your steps, calories and active minutes.
  • The new pedometers keeps track of your movement.

Innovation and technology in the health and fitness sectors have come a long way. Until a few years ago, there were not many technological aids for health and fitness. Today, the industry is bustling and there are plenty of options that give you biometric data all in a small, wearable device.


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The new-age fitness gadgets tout different capabilities and functionality, ranging from recording the amount of calories you burn, your sleeping info, heart rate measurements, travel distance and other health-related statistics. These promise to promote a healthier lifestyle and allow you to sync all your metrics to your computer.

Here are some of the latest fitness gadgets that can help you fine-tune your activity levels, diet habits and sleep strategies.


GPS-enabled Sportwatch

The GPS-enabled Sportwatch works like a fitness trainer; the gizmo tracks your location, calories consumed/burned, and heart rate and marks distance when jogging, running or brisk walking. It has a backlit LCD Display to give you an insight of your activity.


Health Tracking Scale

This is a weighing scale that measures weight in different units such as kg/lb/st lb. It is integrated with functions to track body weight plus composition and heart rate reading. Moreover, the gizmo comes with an indoor air quality monitor which measures the temperature and notifies you of the need to let in some fresh air to optimize the environment.


Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker Wristband

A wristband is all you need to track your steps, distance, calories, stairs climbed, and active minutes. Besides, the wristband also measures the time, the quality of your sleep and has an alarm that wakes you up in the morning. You can sync the device to your computer and stay connected to your activity status.


Wireless-enabled Fitness and Calorie Tracker

This device helps one track caloric burn, activity levels and sleep patterns. It comes with a food log function, which can calculate your calorie intake against calories burned, besides keeping a track of fats, carbohydrates and proteins in your diet.


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Heart Rate Monitor

This is a wristband that helps you keep track of your heart-rate and cholesterol level. It gives you an accurate age based heart rate reading. Moreover, it helps you measure speed and distance covered when training.

New-age Pedometer

The new pedometers enable you to keep a track of your movements during the day. Not just measuring your steps you make in a day, the new-age pedometer also lets you play games and gives you motivation tips to be active throughout the day by creating personal challenges. Based on your rate of motion and oxygen consumption, these pedometers give you an estimate of how much fuel you burn every day.

The best part of these gadgets is that they are trendy and a fun way to get more active and healthy. Using these gadgets, you can measure your whole-body movement and key health readings regardless of your age, weight or gender.




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