Signs You May Have Bone Cancer in Shoulder

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Nov 15, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • Shoulder is one common body spots that can be affected by cancer.
  • Aches, fever and changes in bowel habit indicate bone cancer.
  • Pain in the shoulder area is one sign of bone cancer.
  • Your shoulder bone may get fractured due to a minor injury.

Shoulders are one of the common body spots that can be affected by bone cancer. Bone cancer in shoulders can be a little difficult to diagnose and therefore, it is necessary to study the symptoms very carefully and in detail.

bone cancer in shoulder



The following are some of the common symptoms of bone cancer in shoulders.

Fatigue or Tiredness: Tiredness and loss of energy is one of first signs for all types of cancers. If you feel that your energy level is decreasing, then it might be an indication of bone cancer.

Aches: Usually pain is not an early symptom of cancer. A cancer patient feels the pain only when the cancer spreads in the body and starts affecting the nerves. However, bone cancer in shoulder is an exception. If the patient is suffering from bone cancer in shoulder, they would feel slight pain in the region. This pain would get worse if the patient engages himself in any sort of physical activity and this pain can be acute enough to not allow the patient to sleep peacefully at night.

Fever: If you are suffering from an unusual fever without a known cause, it should not be taken lightly. It might be a symptom of bone cancer. This is because the body tries to fight against the infection caused by tumour.

Unintended weight loss: Loosing significant amount of weight without trying for it can be a dangerous sign that should not be overlooked. Apart from being a symptom of cancer, it may also be a cause of many other illnesses. Therefore, if you have lost about ten pounds or more within a short period of time, it is strongly recommended to visit a doctor without wasting time.

Changes in bowel habit: Some of the common bowel changes that may be symptoms of bone cancer are diarrhoea, constipation, traces of blood in stool, thinner stool or gas.

Bone fracture: If your shoulder bone gets fractured due to a minor injury, it might suggest the existence of tumour in the region which may turn cancerous.

Night sweats: Do you often wake up in the middle of a night drenched in sweat which is also accompanied with fever? If such an incident has occurred just once or twice, it can be overlooked. However, if this is a common phenomenon, visit a doctor without any further delay.

Redness, tenderness and swelling: Examine your shoulder area where you feel the pain carefully. If you see redness and swelling there, it can be a dangerous sign. Also, if that region feels tender to touch and the tenderness does not go away in a couple of days, do not take it lightly.  It can be due to the fracture and tumor in the surrounding tissues. It is advisable to get it checked and treated as soon as possible.

In case you experience only a couple of these symptoms, it may or may not indicate bone cancer in shoulders. However, it is advisable to see a doctor and get yourself examined to be on the safer side, as chances of getting the bone cancer in shoulder cured are much higher if it is detected in the early stages.



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  • Seema29 Sep 2012

    Can prolonged but acute back pain be counted among risks of Bone cancer?

  • Shivanshu Maheshwari.25 Jun 2012

    A 18YRS boy suffered from bone cancer in shouder. Microscopic Examination-sections shows sheets of round,oval to elongated mononuclear cells with open chromatin pattern intermixed with gaint cells,variable mitotic activity.Noted.Extensive of hemorrhage noted.sheets of form cell noted. plzzz suggest the treatment

  • peter dabrowski05 May 2012

    My friend is nearly 78 medium height, small frame, quite slim build and normally pretty fit. He takes my little dog for quite long walks. A week ago he started passing dark coloured blood when he empied his bladder. He's been feeling sickly too in his stomach. He rarely goes to the Doctor but on Tuesday he did and was told he had a chest infection and given antibiotics to help both these issues. Also an inhaler. Also a tablet to settle the sickly feelin.Tired a lot appetite ok. Often pale.

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