Signs of Possessiveness in Relationships

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Mar 13, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Cyber stalking indicates possessiveness.
  • Feeling claustrophobic means there is possessiveness.
  • Interrogating your partner implies you are possessive.
  • Hypersensitivity displays possessiveness.

Everyone has their little moments of emotional insecurity in a relationship. Everyone is possessive about their loved one. However, there are different ways in which people showcase their possessiveness in relationships. Some will be overtly possessive and give their partner no space in the relationship and some way employ passive aggressive methods to display their possessiveness.


Keep a tab on the following signs of possessiveness in relationships

Posessiveness in Relationship

Are you Cyber Stalking?

In case you find yourself constantly checking your partner’s profile page on a social networking site and looking through all activities and ‘likes’ or you are trying to hack into her/his email accounts, you are definitely on the verge of cyber stalking. In today’s day and age the internet plays an important role in any relationship. Cyber stalking is a sure shot sign of possessiveness in relationships.

Is there no Space?

If either your partner or you are feeling claustrophobic in the relationship, then one of you has definitely hit the possessive button. If one person in a relationship is constantly hounded by the other for attention and there is nothing that she/he can do alone, it is a sign that their partner is being over possessive.

Is there Always an Interrogation?

Are you asked about every second day of your day by your partner? If that is the case then you definitely have a possessive one on your hands. Constantly seeking answers for every action initiated, can lead to problems in relationships. Accusations are also a direct result of possessiveness in relationships. Questions such as, ‘why were you late’, ‘who is that girl’, ‘who’s phone number is this’, are signs that you do not believe your partner and are absolutely possessive about the relationship.

Posessiveness in Relationship


Possessive people will display traits of hypersensitivity. Even the smallest action or comment will lead them to inconsolable tears and they will in turn cause a lot of emotional trauma. Such a hypersensitive and possessive person will also suffer from phobias and will constantly blame you of not paying enough attention.


The green eyed monster will raise its head as a sign of possessiveness in relationships. It is one thing to be keenly interested in your relationships and an all together another thing to go overboard with jealousy. Possessiveness propels jealousy in relationships. Accusing another person of being flirtatious, not caring enough, not spending enough time together and finally not loving enough are signs of jealous possessiveness in relationships.

Are the Mood Swings Violent?

Violent mood swings in relationships are a sign of possessiveness in relationships. If the person is happy one minute and devilish the next, something is definitely bothering her/him. Possessive behaviour upsets the mental balance of a person. So one act of yours play please your partner one day and the same act may anger her/him the next day.

Are you Being Isolated?

If your partner wants you all for themselves and they do not like the idea that you are mingling with others then you have a possessive partner. Possessive partners want to be with their loved ones at all points in time and they get really upset if their partner wants to do something alone. They use coercive methods such as emotional blackmail, tears and threats to ensure that their partner is isolated from family, friends and other social groups.

Signs of possessiveness in relationships are often latent and come in the disguise of love. However, such possessive behaviour requires relationship help so that the problems arising due to it in relationships can be sorted.

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  • Biddy05 Dec 2012

    I have cheated on my partner twice and he found out both times thru reading my msgs and voice recording me while speaking to my friend. Although I no I was completely wrong on both occasions I was walking away from relationship he said we should put things behind us and make it work as we have a child. Since, he is checking my Facebook without me knowing and fighting with me every chance we get. Goes crazy if i say the least Lil thing. I need advice please help!!!

  • sakira12 Sep 2012

    good info... thanq for inform us..

  • mohit12 Sep 2012

    nice information for everybody...

  • Queena18 Jun 2012

    my boyfriend strictly prohibits me to have male friends, then all friends, regardless male or female, as long as he doesnt know who they are, he prohibits me to mingle with them... In return I hacked his email, I have his password but he doesnt know it because he never checks his email, but from there I know he also mingles with women, but he doesnt allow me to mingle with men... and he has told me so many times: after marriage, you're not allowed to use facebook anymore, you belong 2 me only!!

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