Overuse of Cell Phone can cause Benign Tumour

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Oct 20, 2012

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Overuse of Cell Phone can cause benign tumourA businessman in Italy is ruled to have developed a benign tumour because of holding a cell phone to his ear for several hours every day for his job. Keeping under scanner the factors that led  the businessman to develop the tumour, the top most Italy court has ruled that the man be given worker’s compensation.


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The victim, Innocente Marcolini, said that it was using a cell phone for six hours a day for 12 years while dealing with his clients in China and several other parts of the world that caused the tumour to develop on the trigeminal nerve in his head. When his lawyers presented doctors, who had tested the victim, the latter said that excessive usage of cell phone does increase the risk of such cancers.

The World Health Organization classified cellphones as carcinogens.


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