No more lying to your doctor now

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Jul 30, 2013

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Tooth sensor that rats you out if you lie to docNow, your doctor will catch you lying about their medical advice to give up smoking or eat less. A sensor has been developed at the National Taiwan University in Taipei which reveals if a patient is telling truth or not. The sensor is built into a tiny circuit board that fits in a tooth cavity, and has an accelerometer that sends data on mouth motion to a smartphone.

The machine learning software is taught to recognise each telltale jaw motion pattern, then works out how much of the time the patient is chewing, drinking, speaking, coughing or smoking.

In trials on eight people with a prototype implant installed in their dentures, the system recognised oral activities correctly 94 per cent of the time. Now, the team still needs a way to include a microbattery. Moreover, the researchers want to add a Bluetooth radio to the device.



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