Known Reasons for Dandruff

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Dec 09, 2011

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The exact cause of dandruff has not been found out yet but it is known that dandruff is not caused by poor hygiene. Some known causes of dandruff are given below.


Not brushing the hair often enough

Combing or brushing of hair aids the important function of shedding of skin. That is why people who do not brush or comb their hair often are more likely to develop dandruff in their hair.


Dry skin


Dry skin – the type you develop during winters, is one of the most common causes of dandruff along with itchiness and flakiness. If you have dandruff due to dry skin, the resultant flakes would be less oily than if it were caused by some other factor. The dry skin would be visible in other body parts as well such as arms and legs.


Not washing the hair often enough


If you are inclined to skip washing your hair with a good shampoo, it will build up oil and dead skin cells on your scalp resulting in dandruff.




If you are sensitive to yeast, the likelihood of having dandruff increases. Such people report their dandruff condition to get better during summer and worsen during winter. The UV radiation from the sun works to counter the effect of yeast during summer. The condition of dandruff can turn for the worse in winter due to dry skin too. You may not find it easy to know the exact reason.


Seborrhoaic dermatitis

This is a condition which affects many areas of the skin such as back of ears, eyebrows, breastbone, sides of nose and of course, the scalp. The patient develops red, greasy skin and it covers him with white flakes and yellow scales. Such patients are much more likely to develop dandruff.


Some skin disorders and other conditions

Psoriasis and eczema are some skin conditions that make the development of dandruff more likely. Adults that have Parkinson’s or neurological illnesses are more prone to developing dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. In general, people with weakened immune systems become more prone to developing dandruff.


Reaction to hair care products


Dandruff can also result from a reaction to a hair care product. Paraphenylene diamine (PPD) found in certain products can cause reaction leading to red, itchy and scaling scalp. Stay away from too many styling gels, dyes and other such items to minimise the risk of developing dandruff.


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