Insomnia puts Men at the risk of Heart Attacks

By  , Agency News
Nov 21, 2013

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insomnia linked to morality rateNew study by researchers has shown that some insomnia symptoms are associated with an increased risk of morality in men. The study was conducted by Yanping Li from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BHW).

Yanping Li said that their research showed that among men who experience specific symptoms of insomnia there is an increase in the risk in death from cardiovascular related issues. More so the difficulty in falling asleep and non-restorative sleep were both associated with a higher risk of mortality. This is particularly true for mortality related to cardiovascular disease. Researchers followed more than 23, 000 men in the study who self reported insomnia symptoms over a period of six years.

The research concluded that men who reported difficulty initiating sleep and non-restorative sleep had a 55 per cent and 32 per cent increased risk of cardiovascular disease mortality over the six year follow up. This was found when compared to men who did not report insomnia related symptoms.

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