Kids Less Fit than Parents were at their Age

By  , Agency News
Nov 21, 2013

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An extensive study on children around the world has found that kids don't run as fast or as far as their parents did when they were young.

children fitnessThe American Heart Association, whose conference featured the research on Tuesday, says it's the first to show that children's fitness has declined worldwide over the last three decades. According to them, it takes children 90 seconds longer to run a mile than their counterparts did 30 years ago. Heart-related fitness has declined 5 percent per decade since 1975 for children ages 9 to 17.

Dr. Stephen Daniels, a University of Colorado paediatrician and spokesman for the heart association said that kids that are less active than before. He attributes the decline to an emphasis on pleasurable play and sedentary activities such as computer gaming. Health experts recommend that children must get 60 minutes of moderately physical activity accumulated over a day.



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