Indian Cuisine Better than Takeaways

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Jul 18, 2012

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Indian Cuisine Better than TakeawaysIndian cuisine is a better food choice than take away meals, such as pizza and Chinese food items, says a new study. Usually, takeaway foods contain almost triple the amount of prescribed quantity of salt that can lead to deleterious health conditions, such as high blood pressure.


In a survey conducted by Liverpool John Moores University, it was found that pizza has a high amount of salt with an average of 9.45 grams. Chinese food items were ranked second on the salt-measuring scale with an average of 8.1 grams. Kebabs contain 6.2 grams of salt. Furthermore, the study found that Indian cuisine contains 4.7 grams of salt concentration whereas English cuisine is the lowest on salt content with an average of 2.2 grams.


In Indian cuisine, an average chicken tikka masala portion along with keema rice has about seven grams of salt (highest salt concentration in Indian food) whereas the average pepperoni pizza meal contains 12.94 grams of salt. A doner kebab contains 6.5 grams of salt and seafood pizza has an average of 11 grams.


The researchers told the journal Appetite that takeaways are significantly higher in salt concentration than Indian food thus, a major health concern.



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