How to Change a Cloth Diaper

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Dec 21, 2011

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Change-a-baby DiaperAs soon as the child cries, the first thing that a mother is alarmed about is the diaper, a wet diaper that is distressing the baby. For a mother, changing a diaper is certainly not as easy as using the most perfect superlative noun and adjective for her child or enjoying a diaper advertisement featuring a cute baby happy in his nappy! And especially when the cloth diaper in town, it is way too important to be well prepared for the charge. 
Here are 5 steps that you need to take to change a cloth diaper without giving your baby a chance to object to your actions:

  1. Be prepared with the material and cloth diapers: Arrange all the material way before the alarm so that you don’t have to move around leaving the baby unattended. You can find cloth diapers of different sizes and shapes. You can go for pre-fold or flat-fold diapers. Another extremely important aspect of ‘how to change cloth diaper’ query that needs attention, is the use of a cloth diaper that matches your baby’s weight and age. There are cloth diapers available that have waterproof lining which prevents the child’s clothes from getting wet. The other thing you need is a nappy fastener. It keeps the diaper in place with its teeth like structure dug into the cloth.
  2. Place the baby on a flat surface: Lie your baby down on a changing table or any flat surface (even on bed; if you don’t mind getting it wet or stained by your baby’s urine). The suggestible position is placing him at your waist height. It is a good position for your back as well.
  3. Safely unfastening the diaper pins or diaper covers: Be careful that while unfastening the diaper pin it does not prick the baby. There is nothing more to be said in this particular step of cloth diaper changing. Just nicely bring the pin out and keep it aside.
  4. Hold baby with both foot together: Hold your child with his feet in your hands and remove the old diaper.
  5. Wipe out the poop and pee: Use cotton or towel to wipe out the urine or faeces off the baby’s buttocks. Baby girls are likely to have stool around their vagina and labia so help them be free of it. Then soothingly pat it dry.
  6. Use rash cream: In case you spot diaper rash, apply some ointment or diaper rash cream on that area.
  7. Rightly place the diaper down: Position a diaper under your baby in a way that about one third of it is under the baby’s hips. The pre-folds of the diaper must run left to right of you. It can then potentially absorb the urine (or faeces). Take the folded rectangular part of the cloth and keep it between the baby’s legs. Adjust it till it sets under the baby’s abdomen.
  8. Insert the diaper pins: You must keep your hand between the diaper pin and the baby’s skin while working on cloth diaper changing so that there’s no pricking. Now you can pin the diaper back. 

Well the final next step is to relax till the next session and see your baby comfortably fitted in his cloth diaper!


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