How can parents develop a trustworthy relationship with their kids?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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Trust is important in parent-child relationship. When you bring home the small bundle of joy the process of bonding and trust starts. For most parents, the trust-building activities come instinctively. Lack of trust and poor bonding with the parents can lead to behavioral problems.


5 Ways to Help Baby Develop Trust

  • Feeding when the baby is hungry builds bonding and trust as the baby is dependent on you for food. The child learns to trust you because of this early experience when he or she grows.
  • Changing the baby's diaper when he or she is dirty and uncomfortable makes them believe and trust you. This simple activity to him means that you will keep him comfortable.
  • Responding to your baby’s cry makes the baby believe that you are there to care for him when needed. Also, lull your baby to sleep when they’re tired because this way they will understand that their message is being comprehended as desired.
  • Holding and cuddling your baby makes him feel good. Touch is important for babies. The skin-to-skin contact, makes your infant happy and makes them trust you.



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