How Can one Prevent Leg Fracture?

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Jun 29, 2011

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How Can one Prevent Leg Fracture

In terms of preventive measures for a leg fracture, it is wise to be physically aware at all times and to avoid accidents. Whether one is at work or play, exercise caution and safety. Supervised fair play for children and wearing well fitting shoes that give good support are also recommended. As the simple childhood saying goes, “Look before you leap!”

Some other ways in which a leg fracture can be prevented include the following:

Building bone strength

Eating foods rich in calcium, such as yoghurt, milk and cheese can help one build strong bones. You may also choose to take calcium or vitamin D supplements to improve the strength of the bone. Ask the doctor if you should be taking the supplements and if they are appropriate for you. Let your doctor know if you are taking medicines for any other condition.

Wear athletic shoes

Leg fractures are common when one is playing or engaging in sports activities. Ensure that you choose the right shoe for such activities. Also keep in mind that you have to replace the athletic shoes from time to time i.e. discard the sneakers when the tread or heel wears out or the shoes become unevenly shaped due to wear and tear.


Alternating the activities can prevent one from incurring stress fractures. You could rotate your activites by running a week and swimming in the next.

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