How Bad Breath ends your Relationship

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May 23, 2013

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Bad breathe can often create rift or end your relationship. People suffering with bad breath must indulge in self-introspection and find out the root cause of problem.

How Bad Breath ends your Relationship

Bad breaths can often create a rift or spoil relationships. While the couples can be forgiving but the best of the romantic moods can be disrupted because of bad breath or Halitosis. Human beings are known to be very active perceivers of senses and other’s odours can be often intolerable. People suffering from bad breath should indulge in self-introspection and give the disease and its cause some quality time. Halitosis has possible remedies and can be cured if paid due attention.


Oral hygiene can often lead to breakups, fights, isolating moments in a relationship and lowered self esteem. Bad breaths destroy intimacy alternatives to brushing such as flossing and expert dental care and intensive flushing can cure people of bad breath. Latest researches show that relationships, especially prior to marriage, often falter due the partner’s bad breath. Also, some marriages too deteriorate because of chronic halitosis where the partner gets repulsed to the wet disruptive odour of the mouth.


As a result, bad breaths if not treated properly or brought into the attention of expert orthodontists can become a reason for ending your relationship. Many couples undergo a constant negotiation about visiting clinics and finding solutions to cure bad breaths and give up too soon finding no possible solution. If you are one of those people, then you should not lose hope. The right medical help at the right time can stabilise relationships in no time.


One must understand that it is not only about bad breath but is telling about the person’s overall hygiene. At times, physical conditions or certain diet patterns can also cause this disease. Most of it can be detected by regular visits to the orthodontist. Also, certain home remedies such as gargling with two drops of tea tree oil can be a possible temporary cure.


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