How to Act On a Blind Date

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Jun 09, 2011

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Blind date is mostly full of fun, excitement and anxiety about how the other person will be. In fact, for some people blind date is a nerve wrecking thing. In order to calm your nerves during blind date it is important to know how to act.


Don’t Expect Much


Irrational expectations will only give you disappointment so walk in with least expectations and be prepared for anything. If the person is not of your kind then consider your date as an experience. Even if you didn’t get a perfect date you will surely get fun stories to share with your buddies.


Be Polite


Remember that your date will also be nervous so be polite. Keep the conversation light and talk about general things. For starting the conversation you can ask whether the person has been on a blind date before or what has drawn him/her to date with you.


Don’t Trust

Never trust your blind date for the obvious reason that you don’t know him/her. Many people fall prey to their friend’s judgments. Have fun but be cautious enough and be safe on your blind date.


Smile and Be Friendly


Be friendly with your date. You can compliment about the things you actually like in your date. For instance, eyes, smile or their dress can be praised. Make sure that you don’t overdo, as it is only realistic compliment that leaves an affect. Smile is the natural way of enhancing your beauty and telling your date that you are having fun.


Try to Know Your Date


Make the most out of the moment and try to know the person as much as you can. Be generous in complimeting your date, especially if you think the person is perfect or at least someone who you think might hold possibility of being your partner. Avoid getting personal and don’t ask about ex-dates or partners.

If you are interested in the other person then ask for his/her contact details. Give hintsto show that you are interested in meeting them for the second time.


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