Dengue Fever may Cause Hair Loss

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May 25, 2012

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  • Most people can experience hair fall (alopecia) after dengue fever.
  • Metabolic or hormonal stress during disease course may cause alopecia.
  • Dengue fever medications may cause alopecia as well.
  • When a person is under stress, the chances of developing alopecia increase.


Dengue fever is an infectious tropical disease that is caused by one of the four serotypes of dengue virus. According to Dermatologists most people can experience hair fall (alopecia) after dengue fever. Even though in most of the cases hair loss is reported as one of the common after effects of dengue fever but it is also seen as an indicative symptom of dengue fever.


hair fall after dengue


It is also evident along with other symptoms of dengue fever such as fever, headaches, body pain, flushed skin, peeling of skin, itching, skin rashes, vomiting and extreme fatigue to name a few.


Experts suggest that people who have recovered from dengue fever often complain about increased shedding of hair. Some can even develop a condition called telogen effluvium (or alopecia) which is characteristerised by massive hair loss.


medications for treating dengue


A person with dengue fever can develop alopecia either due to the metabolic or hormonal stress during disease course. Even the medications that are given for the treatment of dengue fever can lead to this condition. Telogen has adverse effect body hair but loss of scalp hair is common after someone recovers from dengue or post recovery too.


When a person is under stress (for about duration of six months) the chances of developing alopecia increase. Dengue fever is one of the causes of tellogen effluvium. In most of the cases of tellogen effluvium recovery is spontaneous.


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  • sophye21 Jul 2015

    I had developed hair loss/thinning after 1-2 months post recovery from dengue. The worst stage is the beginning but I assure you that you will not go bald and the hair fall will be lesser after 2 months. My doc told me the whole process takes about 6 months and for hair to regrow it takes min of 3 months. To regain your confidence and assurance you should see your dermatologist to recommend you supplement vitamins which should include biotin and iron. Also just to rule out other causes of hair loss i.e thyroid/immune deficiency etc

  • Lena21 Nov 2012

    I first developed the milder form of dengue (not major bleeding) about 20 days ago and just noticed in the last day or so the hair loss and skin peeling beginning. I've never had skin peel on my hands or around places where skin touches skin before quite like this. There is also a little itchiness of a different variety than the active dengue itching. I'm trying to control it with Lubriderm cooling lotion and Gold Bond, which were a little helpful during the active phase.

  • manit12 Sep 2012

    nice article with lot of knowledge about dengue fever

  • uma12 Sep 2012

    article me bahut achi jaankari hai dengue fever se hair loss ke baare me.....

  • Adam31 Aug 2012

    I had Dengue fever a 3 weeks ago when I went to tour India. Its been 3 weeks since I have recovered and I am experiencing itchy skin and erectile dysfunction. What should I do

  • Kyreen24 Aug 2012

    I had dengue about five years ago when I was 10 in the Dominican R. I had a abundant amount of long hair and when I came back to N.Y. my hair started to fall in enormous quantities so I cut it to my shoulders. Today I'm fifteen and the amount of hair has never came back, on the contrary I keep loosing it. It's a very upsetting situation, but I still hope that the quantity of my old hair will come back. :(

  • sia20 Aug 2012

    I am a 22 yr old female and have had dengue 3x 2x in the space of jan-april so that was about 4 months ago it got really bad the 3rd time as i hadnt fully recovered from the second and also had my period during the 3rd so i lost ALOT of blood and every symptom you can get. So anyway 4 months on I am just not the same still feeling extremely fatigued, have alot of hairloss which wont stop and its getting really upsetting :( I am going to try Ozone blood cleansing therapy very soon

  • Amanda 21 Jul 2012

    I had Dengue in May 2012, really high fever- probably 104+. I went to the hospital after 3 days of fever and got better fairly quickly. My hands itched so bad for 2 night, I couldn't sleep. My hands and feet began to peel later on. A month later and still today my hair falls out significantly. BUT I know my hair is going through this process and it will pass. The human body is VERY capable (with God) to heal itself and I know I will have full hair restoration with proper nutrition and exercise.

  • Alvena15 Jul 2012

    I had dengue fever two years back but m still shedding hair... Its like major hairfall.... Visited many dermatologists they prescribed different medicines,shampoos n lotion but nothing seems to help... M still shedding hair like anything.... If anyone has any suggestions or advice kindly let me know.... I would really appreciate it...

  • Riah12 Jul 2012

    I suffered from Dengue around two months ago. I am now experiancing a worrying amount of hair loss, being a 20 year old girl I am not happy about it. Does anyone know how long it will last, and/or what extent it will go to? Thanks.

  • Name23 Jun 2012

    Hailey I did experience vaginal bleeding while in the hopital eventhough I had just had my cycle. It was not like a normal period. After my 2 week hopital stay and my 6 week recovery at home I did no get my period back right away. I think some of mine may have been caused from excessive weight loss.

  • Name23 Jun 2012

    I had Dengue fever August 2011. I experienced alot of the symptoms from ear pain, stiff neck, sore throat, high fever up to 105, joint pain, confusion loss of appetite (weight lost 35 pounds in 2 weeks), severe memoy loss, rash all over my body, in the hospital for 2 weeks. I did noticed excessive hair loss about 3 months after being diagnosed. I have very thick hair and was losing handfuls at a time. I did have bald spots. My hair is growing back.

  • yashmi12 Jun 2012

    I got dengue fever before two months & nw i hv peeling of the palm ,foot skin with scalp Hair loss.

  • Kate08 May 2012

    I came back from Bali in January with dengue fever. I never got the rash but had all of the other symptoms and my liver was really effected. I too have started to lose ridiculous amounts of hair but my doctors do not believe dengue fever can cause this.. How did you all find out it was related?? I'm meant to have an appointment to see a dermatologist but am wondering whether it not to bother. What's the longest people have lost there hair for, sorry do many questions!!

  • Heather 01 May 2012

    I got dengue in Colombia, about 3 months later I started losing a ton of hair. It was falling out for at least 6 weeks. It has since grown back but it was very scary. I was lucky enough not to peel or get a rash but the bone pain, fever and nausea was unbareable. I'm 100% now except at 30 I have developed eczema, not sure if it's connected but definitely strange.

  • Therese30 Apr 2012

    caught Dengue in Thailand in Jan 2012. had all the symptoms described and have major hair loss. My dermatologist suggested a product called Rogaine. She prescribed it for one year.She said that all my hair will grow again but it will still fall for another 2 to 3 months because the dengue is a severe virus she explained that the syncronisation of hair grow and hair loss is completely out of sync. Patience is what it takes.I started to run again, not at the same speed but i am getting better.

  • Ivin27 Apr 2012

    I am suffering with dengue now. My palms and feet feel very itchy, it makes me can't sleep for a whole night. And I read the comments here, people said that will be hair fall after recover from dengue? I am very scared about hair loss and I'm having my final exam next week, what should I do? :(

  • candice21 Apr 2012

    had dengue in jan 21012 and sole and palm peeling stopped by the end of 2nd month of recovery- so don't worry guys, there is al light at the end of that tunnel! hair now falling out a lot more than when in my 1st month of recovery. hoping this stops soon as my hair is growing thinner by the day, every time i put my hand through my hair, a handfull of hair falls out. not good at all

  • Jo-Anne17 Apr 2012

    I'm on my third bout of the flu since having dengue in November 2011....Immune system wrecked

  • Jo-Anne17 Apr 2012

    I was diagnosed with dengue in November, 2011. Bone pain lasted 4 weeks, hair loss started in January 2012 and still continues and the fatigue is still present. My liver function only returned to normal at the end of February, 2012...I still feel wrecked......

  • Stima10 Apr 2012

    Dengue Fever in Sept 2011 after returning from a Caribbean cruise. Still extreme fatigue, thinning hair and recurrent conjuntivitis 7 months later....

  • Cathy28 Mar 2012

    My son contracted dengue fever after a schoolies trip to Bali (Dec 2011). He spent one week on a drip in hospital following mild gastro symptoms, stomach pain, extremely high fever, light rash, no apetite, dehydration. Blood tests indicated a very low white blood cell count. Now 3 months later he has thinning hair which is dry and unhealthy. His hair looks fried. Although his energy levels are much improved, he fatigues more easily. The hair loss is quite marked. Hoping it recovers soon!

  • Janine17 Mar 2012

    eI got dengue in Bali - experienced every symptom imaginable, first sign was loss of taste, face pimple like rash and urinary like infection, headache fever, vomitting, and other end. Couldnt eat or drink for two weeks and when I could everything tasted like pure salt, then metalic taste, memory loss, sunburn like rash, itchy rash then scabby rash. Pain allover body extreme fatique and the list goes on. Now two months later my hair is falling out in handfulls. I hope it stops soon.

  • Hailey29 Feb 2012

    I had Dengue fever last year June, and about a month after noticed my feet peeling quite a lot. This lasted about a month, but did stop. Also, about 2 months after the dengue fever, I had a lot of hair falling out... this lasted longer, about 2 or 3 months, but did stop and now I have lots of new hair growing. The 3rd problem now is that my periods have stopped. Is this something that Dengue Fever can cause? Has anyone else had this problem?

  • ushadevi11 Feb 2012

    massive hair loss after dengue for my wife both don't what to do please advive on this matter

  • Jo28 Jan 2012

    had dengue in November 2011...suffering from skin peels under feel and great hair loss

  • Katie05 Jan 2012

    I am to also having massive hair loss....I had denge fever like 3 months ago and the past 3 weeks my hair has gotten so thin from loosing sooo much hair...I have little spot in the front that are completly goneand u can see my scalp it has gotten so thin...I hope it soon stops coming out because i dont want to go bald....My doctor just said take viatamin B and E viatamins and got a shampoo with viatamin E in it....It has slowed down a little but still plenty coming out....

  • Suzi Della30 Dec 2011

    I suffered from Dengue one month ago and my feet and hands are continually peeling in great sheets of skin. My hands can be managed with hand cream but my feet look horrendous ! However I am happy to note my headaches have subsided and so far just a little hair loss.

  • jaya11 Dec 2011

    i am facing severe hair loss since 25 days. and i had suffered from dengue 3 months before. the hair fall rate is extreme and sudden. pls any body help me out. i am a 23 year old girl.

  • Neha 03 Dec 2011

    my mother also faces same problems like hair fall, head ache and peeling of skin, weakness. Can you please recommend some useful tips to recover from these symptoms. Her age is 57 years.

  • Ririn28 Sep 2011

    I had dengue fever last year. After couple months, I lost so much hair, and there was a 1/8" length part of my hair that has light color (my hair is dark) near the root. I changed my shampoo to the right one (for damaged hair) and added hair toner. It helped a lot. After a month, I don't have the problem anymore.

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