Gold Nanofibres Improve Heart Tissue

By  , Agency News
Jul 19, 2013

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Gold nanofibers may help keep damaged heart in rhythmA panel of scientists from the Tel Aviv University (Israel) and the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology have integrated cardiac cells with gold nanofibers to form functional engineered tissues.

They started with a goal to optimise electrical signalling between cells. In the process, they found that gold has increased the connectivity of biomaterials. They suggested that the addition of the gold particles, cardiac tissues contract much faster and stronger as a whole, making them more viable for transplants.

According to scientists, heart cells have proteins responsible for transferring electrical signals, however, the process of tissue engineering leads to the loss of these proteins. And a patient may not have time for natural regeneration of cells. In that case, gold nanofibers can fill the role of electrical connectors until the cells are able to produce their own connectors once more.

The research featured in the latest issue of the Journal of Materials Chemistry B.


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