Getting a Child to Sleep in Their Own Bed

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May 16, 2011

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Cute baby Most children in India sleep with their parents until they are 10-12 years of age. But due to co-sleeping, often no one gets the sleep they need and it also robs you of your privacy and comfort at night. Training your kids to sleep in their rooms at night takes effort. Read on to know some parenting tips on how to get a child to sleep in his own bed at night.


Make his own Room Sleep Friendly



Make his room and bed comfortable for feeling of security so that he does not associate sleeping in his room as being alone. If your child likes music, play soft, soothing music in his room before going to bed.


Create interest in Sleeping in his Bed


To get your child to sleep in his bed, some simple things which may help are, getting a new bed-sheet with cartoons pictures, a special blanket or a new toy which he can take to bed. This will make him want to start sleeping in his bed and soon enough he will start sleeping in his room.


Have a schedule Bed Time


Both your child and you will benefit from daily night time rituals such as giving him a bath, putting him in his night time attire, or simply reading to him a nice story. This will encourage him to get prepared for bed time. Most importantly ensure that he enjoys the time with you when you are preparing him for bed—this will help him relax and feel sleepy. Put him to sleep at the same time every night.


Allow him to Sleep Independently


Put your child in the bed, kiss him good night, give a hug and leave the room. Encourage him to fall asleep independently rather than lying down next to him and putting him to sleep. This way even if he gets up in the middle of the night he can soothe himself to sleep again.


Make Your Kid feel Safe


If your child is scared of sleeping alone then it will be difficult to get him to sleep in his bed. Reassure him that he is safe and that you are in the next room and will be with him when needed.


Children need to be taught to sleep independently and in their own bed. This benefits them later in life. Sometimes your child may insist on sleeping with you but you have to be strong. It is all for your child’s good. 


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