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Jan 21, 2011

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Make-up for a gala night or a special occasion needs extra dazzling touches to add glamour. Keep the colours of your attire in mind when you choose your make-up. There will be plenty of lighting, so take special care, because lights make certain colours look pale. Choose bright, warm, intense colours for your make-up, taking care to co-ordinate them with your clothes.


Cleanse the skin and then apply moisturising lotion, for a moist base. This is more so in winter. Use a creamy foundation. If the skin is oily, add a drop of water, to provide a lighter coverage. Apply foundation on the forehead, nose, cheeks and eyelids. Using a moist sponge, spread it evenly. Blend well. Then, apply on the chin, and on either side, along the jawline.


Next, apply blusher now. Some make-up artists apply blusher at the end, while others apply it before applying powder. For oily skin, powder blushers are suitable, while cream blushers may be used on normal to dry skin. However, powder blushers are easier to apply. Then apply highlighter on the cheekbones.


For eye shadow, you need medium brown or grey for the eyelids, darker brown or grey for the crease and ivory, gold or pearly highlight just under the brows. Dark eye shadow applied in the crease of the lids adds depth. You can also apply gold eye shadow to shape the eyes and along the bone line. Outline the eyes with dark eye pencil or eyeliner. For a smudged effect, a dark eye shadow also works well on the upper lid, close to the lashes. Extend it a little beyond the outer corner of the eyes, slightly upwards. Smudging can be done with a sponge tipped applicator.


Then apply mascara. Roll-on mascara is easy to apply. While applying mascara on the upper lashes, look downwards. Apply it both above and below the upper lashes, for a thicker look.
Carry the following in your handbag on party night:

  • Lipstick or Lipgloss
  • Compact Powder for touching up
  • Hair Brush / Comb
  • Perfume /cologne


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