Five Ways to apologise in a Relationship

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Jul 25, 2011

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  • Sad coupleBe honest and accept your responsibility. Most often, an apology sounds fake or unconvincing because the person is not able to own up to their faults. You must not demand forgiveness. Apologise and ask for forgiveness.
  • Be specific and avoid rambling. Accept your fault and sound reassuring for the time which is yet to be spent in the future. Apart from that, give the other person some space and respect the decision thereafter. You did your best by apologising. If the other person wants to discontinue with you despite the apology, then it’s the best to keep quiet . Maybe trying to contact the person in question in a few days time and rethinking things can help.

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  • Tell them exactly why you are sorry. This will make it hard for them to not forgive you. Weaving a story or trying to justify your lie can end up spoiling the last chance that you had. Do not lie.
  • Playing the blame-game cannot help you get out of mess. Admitting your fault rather than shifting your blame on someone else may help you douse the fire of doubt initially, but might not serve a long term purpose.
  • The best way to apologise and restore the damage is to ask the person as to how you can make amends and fix the damage caused. This will allow the other person to think and give you another chance to be with the person until you restore normalcy. Apart from that, promise for a faithful relationship but do not blow it out of proportion. Sound genuine.


These tips will surely help you reconnect with the person whom you have hurt and go on to strengthen your relationship.


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