Five Beauty Products for Men and Women

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Jun 23, 2011

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  • The most common beauty product used by men and women is the sunscreen lotion. Ultraviolet rays damage the upper layers of the skin and a good sunscreen lotion prevents the skin to darken up in places or break into pimples and tan. Therefore, an investment in a good sunscreen lotion, especially water-based, with SPF 30 and above is the most widely bought and used beauty product by men and women.
  • Lip gel or a lip gloss is yet another beauty product which is surprisingly common in both the sexes. Lip gloss or lip gels do give a shiny or matt look to the face structure apart from preventing the lips from getting chapped. Many men go for the nude look and a matt lip gloss does help in completing the bronze look. Women use lip glosses to keep their lips shiny and sparkling.
  • Styling gels: Make your hair look spiked-up or sobered down, hair gels and sprays give your hair the much-needed shine and bounce. Men and women unhesitatingly opt for hair care products such as curlers, strengtheners and gels to give their appearance the touch of a diva.
  • Hair colours: Men and women of all ages colour their hair to hide those grey locks or adopt the latest fashion trends. This has been the longest running beauty product for men and women and has never managed to go out of style.
  • Botox shots: Hiding those wrinkles have been reduced to a very simple shot of botox that evens out the sagging skin lines and wrinkles that appear on the face due to ageing. Women and men have been dependent on this more often for quicker results that hide the signs of ageing.


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