Fat Reduction by Liposuction

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Sep 23, 2010

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Liposuction is a process by which excess fat from the body can be sucked out. Liposuction can be used to remove fat and give proper shape to hips, thighs and protruding abdomen, arms and double chin. In today's world, liposuction is the instant solution for weight reduction for tightly scheduled people. Liposuction is very common process in western countries and also amongst the celebrities of India. The ignorance about the details of this innocuous procedure is the main hindrance to it. It is becoming the layman's key to a slim and sculptured body in India. Yet the steep rise in number of patients undergoing liposuction in Indian the last couple of years underscores the rising awareness and popularity.


Fat removal from the body is done with the help of a cannula less than 5 mm in diameter thus minimizing trauma and pain. With the help of a high-pressure suction machine attached to the cannula, the plastic surgeon carefully sucks out fat from the area specified. Vasoconstrictor adrenal is used to reduce blood loss to minimum.


Liposuction is very safe and simple procedure nowadays. In most of the cases, hospitalization is not required. It has predictable end results contrary to the misgivings of the layman. Moreover, certain collection of fat resistant to even the most stringent dieting and exercising schedules (e.g. Folds in back, saddle bag deformity, abnormal contours of hips, thighs or calves) are easily accessible to liposuction. Liposuction of hips, thighs and calves can be done under spinal anesthesia, thus avoiding general anaesthesia. Small volume liposuction for abdomen, hips, thighs, calves and ankles (volumes less than 750 ml) can be done even with local anaesthesia.


Thus plastic surgeons can resculpture your body figure and contours easily and do away with that extra tier of flabby skin, which you have been trying hard to hide. The procedure takes only 2-3 hours and the person can go back home the same day. Bed rest is not required. Normal routine activities can be resumed in 1-3 days depending in the amount of fat removed.


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