How to grow hair faster

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Jun 18, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Apply olive oil every week.
  • Apply fresh aloe vera mixed with honey on scalp.
  • Wash hair with boiled potatoes.
  • Use rosemary water after shampoo.

There is no magic bullet therapy that can induce faster hair growth. But it is possible to make your hair grow fast if you have healthy hair, nourished from the root. Here are some homemade remedies that can promote.

Long hair remedy

Olive oil therapy

Apply olive oil over hair every week. Keep it for about thirty minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water.

Aloe vera is the key

Mix the flesh of aloe vera leaves with honey and apply it over the scalp. Wait for 20 minutes and wash it off.

Boiled potatoes for longer hair

After shampooing, wash your hair with the water used to boil potatoes.

Long hair remedy

The magic potion

Mix an egg, a drop of olive oil and two spoonfuls of honey. Massage your scalp with this mixture. Wash it off after 20 minutes with a mild shampoo.

Rosemary water

Wash your hair every day with rosemary water and your hair will grow fast.

So, get going and make use of all these tips in order to make others jealous of your long tresses a.ka. hair!

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  • satheesh01 Jan 2014

    Blood circulation increases the production of cells in the head. By production of new cells, there is an improvement in the growth of hair.

  • Alisha03 Apr 2013

    My hairs are very rough and short, what should I do to make my hair long, healthy, strong and silky?

  • Suman Bhatnagar03 Jan 2013

    What is the procedure of hair conditioner with olive oil and Rosemary oil

  • yamuna02 Jan 2013

    am having hair loss problem.. and grey hair problem.. could you please tell me which oil will be best for my hair

  • yamuna02 Jan 2013

    my hair is silky. bt am having hair fall problem anh grey hair problems.... can you pls tell me what kind of oil to use for my hair

  • sruthi09 Dec 2012

    my hair is long but getting thin so plz tell me how to make my hair strong

  • Medical practitioner dr.grifins 05 Dec 2012

    dear ladies, ellie grifin MP its not dermatologically proven or scientifically so it wont work. there is nothing that can speed your hair growth besides your own keep hair strong you must have a great diet with variety of different to nourish your skin and hair. EAT MORE NUTS!!! it vital for long hair it aid for beautiful hair. don't believe these myths on growing longer hair. having more fat in your diet has proved to strengthen and make your hair grow due to the hormones producing.

  • bujji21 Nov 2012

    please give me best hair oil for hair growth.

  • linda24 Oct 2012

    Is it everytime we do all dis treatment

  • amu09 Oct 2012

    i want long hairs ,nd they grow max. 1 inch in 4 months' nd m suffering frm split ends ,whch seems bad

  • khadija01 Oct 2012

    thank u very very much

  • jaya01 Oct 2012

    please tell me how to grow hair faster... my hair are too short .... i m very tensed about my hairs because length of my hairs are not increase

  • monika17 Sep 2012

    plzz give me tips for long hair plzz plzzz

  • Arka01 Sep 2012

    Very helpful tips, thanks!

  • airoli15 Jul 2012

    i am having very thin hair.i want healthy please please give me a solution.m feeling helpless..

  • Niyatebansal10 Jul 2012

    My hairs r very dry nd continuously falng what should I do

  • SUSHMITHA05 Jun 2012

    these tips were very much useful to me to get long&damage free hair.THANK YOU..........

  • mita25 May 2012

    plz give me tips for fast hair growth

  • dia08 May 2012

    i am suffering from hair loss and hair greying problem.nowadays my hair became so brittle,please suggest me to over come with this problem and which shampoo and conditioner,oil i should prefer reply me soon...

  • richa23 Apr 2012

    my hair is thin and short in length..which OIL IS BEST FOR ME,I WANT A THICK AND LONG HAIR.,PLZ suggest ME a best soluti�n of my A DAYS I M USING 'BAIDYANATH MAHA BHRINGRAJ OIL'SINCE FOUR MONTH

  • richa23 Apr 2012

    my hair is thin and short in length..which OIL IS BEST FOR ME,I WANT A THICK AND LONG HAIR.,PLZ suggest ME a best soluti�n of my A DAYS I M USING 'BAIDYANATH MAHA BHRINGRAJ OIL'SINCE FOUR MONTH

  • sonal18 Apr 2012

    plz give me better tips for hair growth

  • Maddy20 Mar 2012

    Mustard Oil is good for hair fall and fast hair growth + a good shampoo and a conditioner can definately make your hair look cool, voluminous and healthy :-) Cheers!! Maddy ;-)

  • Tanu30 Jan 2012

    gimme simple tips for faster hair growth n hair loss

  • Maya29 Nov 2011

    My hair is thin and late grows and it never gets hips long so plez suggest to raise the hair volume

  • supriya soni26 Nov 2011

    what type of shapoo use????????and plz suggest indian shampoo....howzz dove shampoo??pls reply>>>>>>:(((

  • jyoti05 Sep 2011

    plz give me tips for hair loss nd hair growth

  • jyoti05 Sep 2011

    plz give me tips for hair loss nd hair growth

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