Energy Drinks, Herbal Supplements and Weight Loss Products May Harm Liver

By  , Agency News
Oct 22, 2013

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Various case studies have linked severe liver damage (and even failure) to weight loss products, herbal supplements and energy drinks.

liver riskOver the years, there have been many reports of toxicity associated with dietary supplement and energy drink use, some of which had severe and even fatal outcomes.

According to lead investigator, Dina Halegoua-De Marzio, M.D., there was a fulminant liver failure that was associated with the ingestion of SlimQuick, a weight loss supplement containing green tea extract. She had ingested the supplement for two days, while fasting three weeks prior to intake. The patient was admitted to the emergency room after one week of vomiting and progressive jaundice.

According to Dr. Halegoua-De Marzio, the patient's physical examination showed normal mental status, icteric sclera, mild abdominal distension and lower extremity edema. But, her liver function worsened and mental status deteriorated. It was due to a green tea extract, which is a common ingredient in several dietary supplements.

In other case, a patient with Black Cohosh-induced hepatotoxicity suffered early cirrhosis, acute liver failure following consumption of a popular sugar-free energy drink for a year.



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