Diet for diabetics:The basics

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Nov 30, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • Diabetes diet is a myth!
  • Foods and eating pattern can make diabetes management easy.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Limit intake of sweets and salt, alcoholic beverages.

Diabetes diet is a myth! There is no such thing. However, there are a certain foods and eating pattern that can be considered healthy for people with diabetes. The healthy way is good for everyone. So if you are a diabetic, you and your family can eat the same healthy food.


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You have to be more careful of the total amount of carbohydrates that you eat each meal. Carbohydrates are known to cause spike in blood sugar levels. Besides keeping track of carbs, you need to monitor your total calorie intake, fat consumption and protein.

Diabetic people are encouraged to choose carbohydrate foods that have a low glycemic index. These foods are generally healthier, rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre and are less refined-- like whole fruits, vegetables, and beans. In addition low glycemic index foods tend to cause lower weight gain and body fat levels.

If needed consult a dietician or your physician to help you develop a personalized meal plan for you and know if a low glycemic index diet might help to gain better control of your blood sugar levels and body weight.


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What diabetes diet should have?

Food groups: Try to include a variety of foods from each major food group in your diet. This will ensure that you eat a balanced and nutritious diet which contains all the protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre you need. According to research diet rich in fibre can help your body to improve your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
Fruits and veggies: Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and include food items from whole grains in every meal.
Limit animal foods: Limit your intake of animal foods as these are rich in cholesterol and saturated fats.
Healthy vegetable cooking oil: Use healthy vegetable oils for cooking (it contains mono and poly-unsaturated fats) rather than saturated and trans fats.
Limit sweets and alcohol: Limit intake of sweets and salt, alcoholic beverages.

It is important for diabetics to monitor blood sugar levels. To keep sugar levels within healthy range, you need to make healthy food choices, control your calorie intake, exercise regularly and take your prescribed medications regularly. If needed, consult a dietician to help you develop a personalized meal plan for you.



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