Dating Tips for Teens

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Jul 05, 2012

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Dating Tips for Teens

Dating is an adventurous start for teens most of whom are often ready to give it a chance. Enlisted below are some dating advices for teens that are simple and effective.


Take Your Time

Before getting to know your date, it’s better that you discover more about yourself. Date only if you feel good about yourself. Dating is a personal choice and should therefore, not be forced upon by peers. Take ample time to decide whether you really want to date because you want to be with someone or because you envy your friends, who are committed. If you find yourself to be open to the idea of dating, go ahead else stay single and hang out with your close friends.

Finding Mr. /Ms. Right

Your dream date won’t knock at your doorstep; you have to make efforts to find one. Your dream date is not difficult to track down. Before looking for one, remind yourself of the kind of person you would like to date. Ask yourself if you want him/her to be good looking/tall/ slim or all or him/her to be simple and down-to-earth no matter how he/she looks. Your romantic endeavours become better if the person you like reciprocates in the same manner. The feeling of respect and admiration must be mutual in a healthy relationship to let it grow further. Therefore, always look for someone, who likes you too.

Going on Date

Now that you are going on a date with your desired one, who you have been planning to go out with, it is time you start preparing for it. Get your dress for the date ready in advance. Ensure that you maintain high level of personal hygiene before going for the date.  Furthermore, think of a suitable venue sans the hustle bustle of the surroundings. Opt for a place where you both can sit together and talk. Go for a movie or dinner. Small parties with close friends may also help break the ice between you and your date.

Keep your Gestures Right

Your attitude, behaviour and gestures express your present state of mind. To avoid embarrassment, communicate without hesitation. Smile when your date is talking. Your gestures must be clear and should not give any opportunity to your date to guess what’s on your mind. Be positive and do not let anxiety take over you. Sophistication is the key to avoiding embarrassment. Show confidence in your body language; it is better to stay away from flamboyancy on the first date.

Don't Conclude After First Date

Jumping on the conclusion immediately after your date has ended will not be the right thing to do. Communication and admiration take time to grow. Wait for your partner to contact you instead of getting anxious and tensed.


Let it Go

Understand that not everything works in your favour. If your date responds negatively, don’t be disheartened as it isn’t the end of the world. Shrug off rejection and get going.


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