Cannabis Leaves Users Sober, Not Stoned

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Jun 02, 2012

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Cannabis Leaves Users Sober  Not Stoned

Israeli scientists have cultivated a new cannabis plant that leaves its users sober and not stoned. The plant has been cultivated keeping in mind those, who smoke marijuana for medical purposes. According to a newspaper that reported on the plant and its properties found that it looks, smells and tastes exactly the way normal marijuana does, but does not induce the same feelings as the latter.

 The study was revealed when the participants in the study complained of being tricked because they assumed that they were given placebo instead of marijuana

 The plant induces no effect on the user because the numb feeling that normal marijuana induces is because of the presence of THC. Tzahi Klein, Head of Development at Tikkun Olam, firm that cultivated the cannabis plant reaffirmed that the new cannabis plant has the same scent, taste and shape as that of the original plant except for the stoned feeling that normal marijuana renders. The effect of THC is neutralised in the new cannabis plant to enable an increased effect of another substance called CND or cannabidiol. Cannabidiol helps diabetics improve their condition and eases some psychiatric disorders. Not only does the new cannabis plant leave the user sober, it also doesn’t induce hunger pangs that most drug users are known to generally suffer from.

 Despite of the innovation of marijuana, it is believed to hardly have any impact on the Israeli laws, which outlaw the use of marijuana as an illegal activity except for medicinal purposes. The Sheba Medical Center and the Israel Cancer Association published figures according to which about 6000 Israelis suffering from illnesses have been allowed to use medical marijuana.


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