Brazil Cancer Hospitals, Test centers and Institutes

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Jan 01, 2011

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Symptoms of Bone Cancer:


Pain: Pain is common symptoms of bone cancer. Pain in affected bone is the common complaint with the bone cancer patients.  With cancer grows, the pain will be there all the time. The pain increases with activity and may result in a limp if a leg is involved.


Swelling: Swelling is also one of symptoms of bone cancer. Swelling in the area of the pain in bone cancer may not occur until weeks later. Swelling in bone cancer depends on where the tumor is, you may be able to feel a lump.


Fractures: The cancer may weaken the bone it grows in, and can rarely cause the bone to break.


In Bone cancer disease bone pain and swelling are usually caused by an injury or arthritis.


You can find out complete details of well approved cancer hospitals, cancer institute’s and cancer centers in Brazil with their Contact Numbers, Address and other details.


List of Cancer Hospitals, Institutes and Centers in Brazil


1. Medico Geriatra Dr Rubens De Fraga Juniorr

Avenida Presidente Kennedy, 3701 - PORTAO,

Curitiba - PR, 80610-010, Brazil

Phone No. +55 41 3329-5700 ‎

2. Prosperare Finanças Pessoais Ltda

Asa Sul - SGAS 915, Conj. B, Lote 71 - Ed. Office Center,

Bloco A, Nº. 13, Sala, 212 - Brasília - DF, 70390-150, Brazil

Phone No. +55 61 3345-0477

3. Asociacion De Abogados Laboralistas

Viamonte 1668, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires,

Capital Federal, Argentina

Phone No. +54 11 4374-4178 ‎

4. Centro de Cardiologia Não Invasiva S/C Ltda

Rua Cubatão,

726 - São Paulo, 04013-003, Brazil

Phone No. +55 11 5084-0964 ‎

5. Clínica de Assistência a Mulher

Rua Antônio Augusto, 1160 - Meireles,

Fortaleza - CE, 60110-370, Brazil

Phone No. +55 85 3226-5444 ‎

6. Hospital Santa Cruz

Rua Sta Cruz, 398 - V Mariana,

São Paulo - SP, 04121-000, Brazil

Phone No. +55 11 5080-2000 ‎

7. Pink Campaigns

80 SW 8th St # 2000, Miami,

FL 33130-3038, United States

Phone No. +1 305-372-1899 ‎

8. Innovative Cancer Institute LLC

6141 Sunset Drive Suite #102,

Miami, FL 33143, United States

Phone No. +1 305-669-6833 ‎


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