Best diet to lose weight after pregnancy

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Jun 23, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Including dietary fiber will aid weight loss.
  • Drinking water will help you shed extra calories.
  • Include at least five servings of fruit in your diet.
  • Replace your beverages with soups whenever possible.


After pregnancy women are eager to lose extra weight and come back to their usual self. However, it is indeed a difficult task. Weight loss after pregnancy requires women to alter their post pregnancy lifestyle with a realistic attitude, patience, dedication and positive outlook.

Experts suggest that proper diet and exercise can significantly contribute to weight loss after pregnancy. In order to lose weight after pregnancy you just need to make certain alteration your diet and eating habits.

Post pregnancy diet

Dietary fiber

Include dietary fiber in your food. Whole grains, berries, brown rice and fruits are some of the rich sources of fiber. Soluble fiber helps your digestive system to prevent absorption of excessive cholesterol, sugar and starches. Oats, rye, chia, and barley are some of the sources of soluble fiber. Moreover, increasing intake of fiber will make you feel fuller and help to lose weight after pregnancy.

Stay hydrated

Another effective way of losing weight post pregnancy is staying hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will help to flush-off the toxins and finally contribute to weight loss efforts. Make sure that you drink a glass of water before your meals. Water will act as a filler and reduce your appetite. Thus, allowing you to eat less than what you use to eat during pregnancy.


Eat five servings of fruits each day. You must include five portion of fruits and lots of green veggies in your post pregnancy diet. At times you can only have fruits for a meal.

Post pregnancy diet


Another effective way of losing weight post pregnancy is to have soup in your drink at least three times a week. They are nutritious, filling and usually low in calorie.

Calorie count

Weight management is about balancing the intake and expend of calories. So if you have taken a heavy meal you can balance the calorie count in your next meal. For instance, if you have taken heavy lunch then you can have light dinner or may replace it with buttermilk or toned milk.

Eat small meals

Most importantly you must eat small meals post pregnancy. However, it is not easy as your appetite increases during pregnancy. Keep your eyes open to the calorie content of what you eat. This will automatically signal you from eating more.

Avoid chocolates

Avoid taking chocolate shakes, hot chocolate and frizzy drinks that holds less nutritional value. Remember that drinking chocolate gives more calories than munching it.

For more interesting information on losing weight after pregnancy, check out the video.

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    A diet really helps to shed post-delivery weight.

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