Ayurvedic cure for ovarian cyst

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Apr 13, 2015

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  • Use of natural herbs can be effective remedy for ovarian cyst.
  • Red clover cures hormonal imbalance.
  • Chaste berries can normalize irregular menstrual periods.
  • Fermented castor oil can cure ovarian cyst. 

Ovarian cysts are small sacs filled with fluid that develop in the ovaries of women. This condition has become very common in females of all ages nowadays. Most cysts are harmless until they develop problems such as bleeding, rupturing or pain and may require surgical removal. In certain cases however, ovarian cysts can become malignant or cancerous. Besides modern allopathic medicines, a wide range of ayurvedic cures for ovarian cyst are available to treat this condition naturally and safely.

Ayurveda for Ovarian Cyst

Ayurvedic cures for Ovarian Cysts: Safe Remedies

  • Natural herbs such as Kachnaar Guggul, Pradrantak Churna and Chandraprabha Vati prove to be effective ayurvedic remedies for ovarian cyst as they not only balance the hormones but also alleviate pain and regulate irregular menstruation.
  • Another ayurvedic home remedy for ovarian cyst is red clover that cures hormonal imbalance and maintains the right equilibrium between estrogen and testosterone hormones in women.
  • Chaste berry, dandelion and black cohosh are also widely used as ayurvedic cures for ovarian cyst. These herbs are known to normalise irregular menstrual periods and hormonal disorders.
  • Bee pollen is a powerhouse of nutrition and therefore is a competent ayurvedic cure for ovarian cyst. It also makes the reproductive system stronger.
  • Walnuts, red chestnuts, milk of thistles, wild yam and wild oats are also well-known ayurvedic home remedies for ovarian cyst as they are proven to cure all types of ovarian problems.
  • Herbs such as ginseng, fennel and sage help with hormone imbalances and prevent the formation of cysts.
  • Fomentation with castor oil is also an effective ayurvedic cure for ovarian cyst.
  • Dong quai, a popular Chinese herb helps to balance the hormones in the body, thereby promoting a healthy menstrual cycle and preventing cyst formation.
  • Liquorice has the ability to affect the adrenal glands which regulate the production of hormones in the body. Due to its hormone regulating action, liquorice has the power to dissolve ovarian cysts naturally in the body.
  • A tampon made of onion inserted in the vagina is extremely effective in the treatment of ovarian cysts. Soak an onion in honey for 12 hours. At night use this as a tampon and insert it in the vagina. Leave it overnight. Repeat this procedure for 10 days for positive results.
  • Foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, garlic and whole grains help ease the pain and discomfort caused by ovarian cysts. Moreover, refrain from foods containing caffeine, alcohol, eggs, red meat, fats, white sugar and refined foods to prevent the recurrence of this problem.

Inclusion of fibre in the diet along with supplements of vitamins A, C and E is also helpful in dealing with ovarian cyst problems. Besides being cost effective, ayurvedic remedies for ovarian cysts are completely devoid of harmful side effects. However, if the problem persists or there are cases of reoccurrence, it is advisable to consult a health expert.


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  • Jenn15 Feb 2013

    I am 56 years old 20 year stage 3 breast cancer survivor, i have a large cyst in my left ovary, that may also be in the surrounding area - waiting for MRI as not clear on the ultrasound. I cannot take any of the suggestions that stimulate hormonal activity due to the cancer history. I am not sure if some of the suggestions will do that? or will all of them?. willing to try the onion if there is nothing else. please advise thank you

  • deepa06 Dec 2012

    I have choclate cyst in left ovary. Please suggest natual care

  • Dolly07 Nov 2012

    Can you please tell me whether it is possible to shrink a complex (endometriotic cyst) of 9 cm? I have a large 9*7 cm cyst in my right ovary and 2 cm cyst in left ovary. I am 30 years old without baby. Please tell me how much time will it take to get rid of the cyst. I would be really thankful to you.

  • PALLAVI JOSHI28 Oct 2012

    HI, Dis is pallavi, m 22 yrs old. m havin a 31x27mm cystic area in right ovary, m on medication since 4 mnths, i dont hav any specific symptom regarding dis, bt somtyms i feel dull pain in right illiac region,n somtyms my B.P goes down upto 100/50 i myslf is a BAMS final yr studnt, i jst want guidance dat for how long should i tak d medicines, nd when should i go for d nxt USG, pls advise me i vl b thnkful 2 u

  • pallavi27 Oct 2012

    i hav a 31x27mm cyst in right ovary, m on medication since 4 mnths, how long shoud i continue dese medicin, when should i go for anothr USG to check d size f d cyst

  • seema01 Oct 2012

    i have overy cyst 5cm in internal so kindly provide treatement because i dont want to take any surgical treatement kindly provide the treatement asas soon as possible

  • seema24 Sep 2012

    i have ovarian cyst 7 cms , i dont want to go for surgery, kindly give me a proper regimen to get rid of it .

  • lakshmi21 Sep 2012

    I am aged about 38years i have a cyst in overian i have no kids, plez suggest treatment in ayurveda

  • jyoti09 Sep 2012

    my age is 37 i have no baby and i am suffering from ovarian cyst . i want to conceive any chance with me

  • jyoti27 Aug 2012

    good tips

  • geeta27 Aug 2012

    nice info

  • albert14 Aug 2012

    so what will happen in future for lady who got ovarian cyst

  • pranjit das16 Jul 2012

    hi, my wife is suffering hypothyrism , TSH 11, is there any ayurvedic treatment? plz rply.

  • seema gautam14 Jul 2012

    please explain more about onion treatment because i could not understand . How can i use it. how u pull out the onion out of the vagina? can u please explain more?

  • kinnera23 Jun 2012

    i have pcod 21 yrs and unwanted hair please tel me the cure and how long it takes

  • geetha devi pinnamaraju04 Jun 2012

    hi my name is geetha , am staying in sharjah.am 37 yrs old, planing for second child but doctor todl me that i have cyst in my ovary, need to take treatmetn for 3 months. pls advice after taking tratment i can have a helthy pragnency. thanks, regards, geetha

  • rajni21 May 2012

    Good Evening sir/mam could u plz tell me how much time ayurvedic treatement takes to diolve a cyst of 11 cm

  • galia02 May 2012

    how u pull out the onion out of the vagina? can u please explain more?