Are You at Risk for Gestational Diabetes?

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Jul 11, 2011

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Are you at risk for gestational diabetesPregnancy is a wonderful time in the life of any woman. It is a time when women are encouraged to indulge their cravings and putting on weight is greeted with joy. But sometimes, it may not be such a great idea to indulge your sweet tooth cravings. That is, if you have gestational diabetes.


What is gestational diabetes?

Many expectant mothers tend to become diabetic during the second half of their pregnancy. This is called gestational diabetes. This condition usually lasts only as long as the pregnancy, but doctors believe that women who have developed gestational diabetes are at a greater risk of developing diabetes later on in life. With proper treatment and care, most women who have gestational diabetes do deliver healthy babies.


Who is likely to develop Gestational Diabetes?

Research has shown that women who have had the condition before are likely to develop again. There is also belief that women who become pregnant after the age of twenty five are more likely to develop gestational diabetes. Or if you are on corticosteroid medicines, that too can cause you to have gestational diabetes.


Vital stats of Gestational Diabetes

Vital stats also matter when it comes to gestational diabetic risk. Women with a body mass index – commonly called BMI – is 30 or higher (which qualifies as ‘obese’) are also at a greater risk of gestational diabetes. According to Delhi based medical practitioner, Dr. Alka Lal, “the risk of gestational diabetes is also great if you have given birth to a child that was heavier than four kilograms at birth.” Thus there are many factors that can have an influence on an individual’ chance of getting diabetes during pregnancy.

“But,” Dr. Lal assures us, “there is no need to worry. With proper medical attention and the facilities available today, most women with gestational diabetes give birth to perfectly healthy babies.”



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