5 Ways Diabetes Wreaks Havoc on Your Entire Life

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Jul 16, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Diabetes requires constant monitoring.
  • You have to be very careful about your feet.
  • A diabetic is always trying to lead a normal life.
  • Diabetes is a 24 hour disease, never leaves you.

The life of a diabetic is not just about food restrictions, and the fear of a bruise on your feet. It is a combination of fear and anxiety, along with an unnatural lifestyle. Remember, diabetes works for 24 hours in a day; you are constantly haunted by it.

So how exactly does diabetes affect your life? The answer to this question is a simple one; it is a simple one liner actually. Diabetes affects every aspect of your life, and it takes you to the brink of a terrible disaster. Only if you can take measures and keep your life restricted to certain rules and regulations that are typically practiced by diabetics, will you be able to move on with ease. You have various options for diabetics, including injecting insulin, besides simple treatments like taking medicine, and exercising. Here are 5 ways in which diabetes can affect your life.

life for a diabetic

Diabetes can be Scary

For those who aren’t diabetic, diabetes could be one of the scariest things to experience. The idea of diabetes has the anxiety of knowing blood sugar levels at the top, this take precedence over every other thing. It is common for a non-diabetic to think that their blood sugar has hit a low when they skip lunch. But the truth is that for a non diabetic, the body automatically balances the blood sugar so as to prevent hypoglycemia. For diabetics, hypoglycemia can be a terrifying idea. Your body would feel like it is shutting, and the brain would feel like it is screaming out.

Diabetes is 24 Hours

Blood sugar can rise due to more reasons than the cliché that we believe in. It is not just candies that can cause a rise, blood sugar can also rise due to something as harmless as a freshly plucked apple. Blood sugar can also rise due to a stressful day at work, or an increase in your cortisol levels. Blood sugar can rise at any time of the day, and can interrupt your daily routine. Healthy activities such as exercising mean that you are required to put in an extra effort to keep your blood sugar in a safe and healthy range. Diabetes never leaves you alone, once it has successfully set in.

effect of diabetes on life

The Pressure to be Normal

Having diabetes is such a trouble, that a person suffering from it is always under the pressure to become normal, to try and be as normal as possible. The diet, the gym workout, and all such healthy lifestyle choices are made by those who suffer from diabetes. There is a constant pressure to lead a healthy life, without which diabetics can have trouble in their lives. There is the fear of losing eye sight, losing a toe, or even a kidney transplant. Diabetics are therefore supposed to be on their toes in order to lead a healthy life. Everyday a diabetic needs to bring about changes little by little, only so that he or she can finally come closer to lead a healthy life.

Nonstop Accusations

There is a constant blame game going on with people suffering from diabetes. Apparently he or she got diabetes because of too many candies. There would be constant comments from people who in reality have no idea about diabetes, and because you have diabetes, even a spoonful of ice cream can be killing you. Also, the threat of getting diabetes because your family members have it is another factor. After they judge your bad lifestyle choice, there comes the inevitable warnings that even your father and mother has diabetes and therefore you are most likely to have it.

diabetes and its effects

Diabetics get scrutinized

Diabetics as a rule need to get themselves tested on a regular basis. This is done to measure the blood sugar levels, and it is very important for them to do so. Diabetics who are taking insulin, are always trying to figure out the carbohydrates and the also protein that they consume via their food. Most importantly, they have to measure their insulin levels. If the level of blood sugar is not very favourable then you know that all your effort at a healthy lifestyle is futile.

Diabetes is a daily work that a diabetic needs to deal with. It is not just about healthy eating and exercising, but much more than that. Understand that the life of a diabetic is not easy, and he or she has to strive constantly to make it better.

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