135 Million Will Have Dementia by 2050

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Dec 07, 2013

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According to a Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) report, the number of people worldwide living with dementia could more than triple by 2050, from 44 million to 135 million.

dementia statisticsThe projected number of people with dementia in 2050 is now 17 percent higher than ADI estimated in the 2009 World Alzheimer Report. The new policy brief also gives an account of a shift in the worldwide distribution of dementia cases, from the richest nations to middle- and low-income countries. As per projections, 71 percent of people with dementia will live in middle- and low-income nations.

Experts suggest that research must become a global priority if improvements are to be made to the quality and coverage of dementia care. The report recommends more emphasis on policymaking, health, social care service and health system development.

According to ADI executive director Marc Wortmann, it is not just the G8 countries but all nations that must commit to a sustained increase in dementia research.  The G8 Dementia Summit will be held on December 11 with an agenda of a new international approach to dementia research and policy.




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