5 Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Back

Yoga can improve your physical and mental health. Here are a number of poses that can strengthen your back. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Oct 05, 2022 19:18 IST
5 Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Back

The modern lifestyle has become the necessity of the human personality, which brings us to the enormous health conditions, amongst which “Back Pain” is one of the common conditions. It is necessary to understand the basic functions of the human spine, as the backbone is the body’s central support structure, and protects the spinal cord, nerve roots, and provides the structural support and balance to maintain an upright posture. It becomes the prime objective to take care of the spinal health, to improve its functioning and to make it more fragile and flexible through Yoga poses. Yoga poses create a deep impact on the overall body. Yoga poses are designed in such a way that anyone can practice it, without failure. Here the focus is to strengthen the back muscles.

The muscles engaged in the poses are, rectus abdominis, external and internal obliques, erector spine, latissimus dorsi, deep posterior spinal muscles, quadratus lumborum and psoas, trapezius muscles, quadriceps, intra-abdominal muscles and pelvis muscles. Long sitting hours on a chair, desk job, hunchback, bad posture, Stress, anxiety and sciatica are the causes for back pain. The muscles of the back get overstressed and generate lumbar back issues, cervical spondylosis, and thoracic pain. OnlyMyHealth editorial team spoke to P Divya, Yoga Teacher, Kaivalyadhama, to know about the yoga poses to strengthen your back.

Yoga poses to strengthen back 

Here are some yoga postures, which help in strengthening the back: 

1. Parvatasana (Seated mountain pose) 

Sit in padmasana or any crossed legged posture, join the hands in Namaskar mudra in front of the chest, as you breathe in slowly take your hands above your head, connecting the biceps to the ears, stretch the arms nicely. Stretch the spine as possible, hold for a few seconds, while exhaling come back.

2. Pawan Muktasana (Wind releasing pose) 

Lie down on the mat, bending your both the legs at knee, interlock your fingers to hug your knees, as you exhale lift your head up, touch your chin between the knees, and hold the pose as per capacity (breathing normal), while exhaling release the pose.

3. Setu Bandhasana (Bridge pose) 

Lie supine on the mat, bending your both the legs at knee, keep comfortable distance between the knees and ankles. Catch hold the ankles with your palms, inhale to lift the buttocks up. Hold as per capacity, exhale to release the pose.

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4. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

Lie down on stomach. Legs together, hands beside the chest, elbows pointing up and intact, glutes squeezed in. Breathe in to lift the upper body up to the navel and look up. Hold as per capacity. Exhale and come back.

5. Ardha-kati chakrasana (Half lateral wheel pose) 

Stand with legs together, feet slightly apart, inhale to raise the right arm above the head, stretch nicely, connecting the biceps to the ear, exhale to bend laterally to the left side and gaze in front. Come back in the reverse order, and repeat it with the other side.

These yoga poses, when combined, with each other and practiced regularly will give numerous benefits to the spine as well as the overall body.