Worst Baby Shower Games Revealed

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Dec 06, 2011

Worst baby shower games revealed

Baby shower games are an essential part of a baby shower get-together. They add an exciting experience to the ceremony.  Although, there are some games that can leave you laughing, there are others that can be a bad experience not only for the mother-to-be, but also the people present for baby shower. Below mentioned is a list of worst baby shower games:


Measure the mother -to-be

In this game, each member attending the party has to guess the tummy size of the mother-to-be.  To measure,  the participants in the game have to cut-off the ribbons to fit the length around the mother’s tummy following which the mother-to-be tries each string and the person who guessed the closest wins the game.
This game can also be played with a simple variation such as with the use of strings or toilet paper instead of ribbons.


Cotton Head

Cotton head is one of the strange games played in baby shower. In this game, the expectant mother sits down with a bowl of cotton balls and the participants of the game have to place these balls on their head with the help of a spoon. This game is quite strange, especially if you are not at the watching end.


Safety pins and rice

Another strange baby shower game is finding brass safety pins from a bowl full of rice. The person who can pull the maximum number of pins is the winner of the game. This baby shower game works best for parties with small gathering.


Baby Bottle Battle

This game requires participants to drink through a baby bottle. The bottles contain water or beverages such as cold coffee, shakes, juices, sodas and even beer or other alcoholic beverages. If you are planning to try this strange game, do remember that alcoholic beverages are not recommended for pregnant women.


Draw the baby

In this game, the people present at the party have to draw a picture of a baby. The twist in the game is that the participants can’t draw while keeping the paper on their lap. Instead, the paper has to be placed on the head while drawing. To ease the drawing, the participants are allowed to use a magazine under the paper.


Multi tasking

In this game, the participants have to hang baby clothes while holding a baby and talking on the cordless phone. The person who hangs most clothes within a minute is declared the winner of the game.


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